Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First full moon of summer

"On the porch, by the campfire, 'tis the time to share stories of days gone by. "Firefly times" will be long remembered. " -- Words of Wisdom

Full Moon Tonight...
Though we may not see it here... my garden loves the rain so I will not complain.

I think of this as the first moon of summer... the sun has been getting up at the same minute (4:47 where I am) since June 10. I wonder if it will stay at that until Equinox this weekend and how long after... We will see in due course.

I will be honoring the moon tonight, whether I can see her or not.

I wonder how many families will spend the kinds of evenings I remember in the summer when we visited with my grandparents each year. The adults would sit on the porch (screened against the bugs) or if the mosquitoes were fewer, in chairs in the yard, under the tree after supper... Some would smoke (this WAS the 60s...) or have a drink... the cousins would run in the yard, chasing "lightning bugs" and playing tag until, eventually, we would flop down on the ground or the floor of the porch and listen to the remembering of times past.

My kids and grands live far away and will not be here to listen... and I am not settled in a neighborhood (yet) where there might be others who would come by -- as I did with the older folks in my neighborhood when I was a kid -- but I will likely spend some time sitting and telling tales this summer... while I ply my new hobby as a spinner.

Be well...