Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feeling great today, not sure about tomorrow...

Been outside all day, working hard helping some young friends tear into one of their neighbors' barns, taking it apart for parts. Gods I love demolition! LOL No, this is not typically what you think of for demolition, as we are trying to save good wood, but never the less, taking hammer and pry bar and muscles that haven't see this much work in months feels good. Even in the early spring, not really warm, but windy and muddy type weather it feels good. I layered up... wore my mucks, even gloves most of the time (I hate working in gloves) and we got the car port part of the structure down.

Sheathing for the roof was not usable but I had fun taking down the flashing (note, remove pine needle accumulation BEFORE climbing onto roof... no I didn't fall but it made for little traction at first.). It felt really good to pry up the rafters and help push down the intact walls and load them on the trailer.

Tomorrow is "de-nail" day, if it doesn't rain (and I can still move!) and then I work a short shift at the store. And then we start over on another part of the barn. We have 2 weeks to salvage what we can before they take to it with a bulldozer.

Hopefully by them we will have scored lots of good wood. I have chickens and ducks coming, other projects in the queue.

Now, a glass of wine, a hot bath, supper, some web work and BED.(trying NOT to be too aware of the damn messing with the clocks.)

BTW, I HATE "daylight saving" time. Don't get me started on that...

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