Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thoughts of Spring

While many gardeners elsewhere are eagerly breaking earth, coaxing perennials back to wakefulness and plotting the planting of peas on St. Patrick's day, here in Maine I am seeing the coming of spring in the lengthening day and the first above-freezing days and nights of the season. And in the rain, which is helping to melt the former skating rink also known as the dooryard.

My collaborator began planting this week and I will continue this weekend, with more onions and leeks, and a few more lettuces for the uber early indoor kitchen garden.

I love the soil blocks thus far. Oh, watering is an issue -- they DO dry out much more quickly than the soil in plastic containers -- and the spray attachment on the sink is a bit too coarse, even at a bare dribble, to keep them happy. The first sets of blocks have had a bad habit of running together, and therefore the plants roots are not getting "air pruned" as per request. BUT on the other hand, the size of the small, 3/4 inch blocks forces me to plant at a reasonable density so this is not as much of an issue as otherwise.

And we do have a watering wand on the list for soon.

The chickens have picked up their laying schedule; we now get at least half a dozen from the hens and occasionally two a day from the ducks; duck #2 must be coming on line (or actually more likely they have also picked up frequency ). I have ads up on several bulletin boards (physical in the area, and virtual online) to sell eggs. Fingers crossed.

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