Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crazy Yankee house hunt continues

I have decided to pass at this time on the Lyford property. It would have been fun, but also had a lot of "gotta make this work first... and now" issues... and the fact that the realtor's first offer after my open-ended "I am concerned about..." mention of points in the inspection report was to report that the owner was giving back all monies I had put forth, with no other suggestion, led me feel that this was the right choice at this point.

She has another listing, much less land, a trailer with add ons in town for much less $$, but when approached about this one, it turns out it is an estate and has a mortgage and so there is no "wiggle room" in the figures and they cannot carry.

Another agent found me an other trailer (newer, also in Milo on .25 acres, at the end of a dead end road) that is currently not showing in most of the MLS listings, but in his listing is shown as "withdrawn" and he says the price is down to 28,500 though the listing shows it at "down to $34,900" ... he is talking to them about possible options, but as a last resort has a mobile home in a park that he will rent us month to month, with the critters, for what we can afford to give us time to look around.

As much as I do NOT want to exercise that option, I am glad it is there...

I should know more tomorrow morning at the latest... however we may be looking for a small (5x10') storage space for stuff, if we end up renting initially.

so I continue the box wars here in NC and try not to get too anxious...

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