Friday, February 22, 2008

I have dropped the bomb...

I could procrastinate no longer... Below is what I have sent to my local NC clients. Crossing fingers that if any decide to bail, they will only be the couple that I have tried (unsuccessfully) to fire in the past! This was written as a "boilerplate" but was address and sent to each client, individually.


Client Name Here --

After being presented with an opportunity to purchase land somewhere that I have always wanted to live, I have made the decision to relocate Vision from the Down East area to another down east area, in Maine. All of you with whom I have worked for the last several years know that the great majority of our work can be handled over the phone and with emails regardless of the size of the project. The success that we have had doing this has been a prime factor in my decision to take advantage of this opportunity.

I will be maintaining my local phone number for your convenience (252 732 5315) and will have mail forwarded from our Smyrna box. Our Maine address will be PO Box 2497, Bangor, ME 04402.

Please contact me with any and all concerns that you may have with my relocation and how you feel it may affect your business and our business relationship. I value you and your business and will work with you to keep everything running smoothly, both during this transition and into the future. I will be back in the area from time to time and will notify you in advance of these trips so that you can schedule a meeting if you desire.

If you wish to transfer your site to another host, I will be more than glad to provide your site content on CD and will make all practical and proper assistance to your new vendor during the transfer period.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcome your contact with any and all questions regarding current and future concerns.



On other fronts, I have engaged a home inspector who will likely do his thing tomorrow and have an attorney retained to handle the legal stuff. A friend drove by the property today and sent me a message saying "It's a good location and though it needs work, I think you did well. It looks lonely if you know what I mean. It needs love and life. If it were me I would be happy, it looks like a "Home"."


Amelia said...

Hi mom, got your email, and I'm adding you to my blog!

The house sound just like a house you would live in. Quirky, interesting, and in progress. The plumbing alone would scare me off, however I've become spoiled by civilization by now. Maine, however, sounds wonderful. Oh, and I thought I was the only person in the world who felt that way about summer time. Living in Utah it's the pits. We're hoping that our new house has some mature trees on the property to lend some shade and oxygen. The yard in this current house is blindingly hot and sunny from June to September.

Tali said...

I Think your house looks so cute. I agree that it sounds like it is meant to be years. And I love the land. It looks like rural canada, or vancouver island, more to the point. And you know I feel the same way about the heat. I always say "its too hot for living.", the hot sun on my skin almost hurts, not the sun burn hurt, even just a few seconds, and it hurts my eyes too. I would love to live in maine!Have fun, and we will be praying for your move to go well.