Sunday, March 9, 2008

Settling in

We are beginning to settle in a bit, though we still do not have a fridge or the new steps that were promised. The step PARTS arrived while we were in the city recently though, and I expect the carpenters to follow come Monday. Weather is supposed to be cold and windy, but NOT WET and so I hope they will work.

We latched onto a good deal on Friday for a full size, stacked, washer and dryer but were in town with the car so we bought and hoped to pick it up on Saturday. It was "iffy" as we were predicted to have rain/sleet/ice during the day, but it held off until the end of the day and we were able to get them here and in. Then back out for more parts, as the trailer is set up for two appliances and the water (in and out) is on one side of a door and the electric and dryer vent on the other side. We needed to make a dryer extension cord, for starters and then found out we need more parts to install the washer, so that is where K is at present. He missed the local hardware store Sunday hours (MORNING, before noon!).

Weather has been warmish and wet, then a wee bit of snow pellets fell this morning, with a stiff cold wind now blowing. It is supposed to be colder this coming week but dry. Roads were clear, sometimes wet, and I am hoping that tomorrow early they are not too icy, as I must start training for my tech support job. Not what I really wanted, but they had openings and the pay, once training is over, is near what I was getting in NC. We will see how long I can take it, though from what I could see the place was pretty ok for a call center. Did not seem to be a lot of stress.. not like Seattle Filmworks...

I am enjoying looking out the window and seeing the trees blow, seeing the snow banks even though they are turning "spring brown" at present. It was funny to see the banks, piled up higher than the car roof by a long ways, with mailboxes protruding from the middle of the bank. I will try to get a picture, though with the melting that has happened, it will not be quite as dramatic.

K has been struggling to find an activity level that does not give him chest and other pains, but allows him to do more than just sit. sometimes he succeeds, but always fusses at not being able to "do more."

I am still very tired, days seem not nearly long enough and nights ditto. And I hurt, though not as much as a couple of days ago. I AM going to find a massage therapist in the next few days and get done and I am babying my left knee and elbow, both of which were giving me unhappy messages. In fact, walking around the stores yesterday, I spent much time leaning heavily on a cart as my left knee would NOT support me.

But we are in Maine, and shortly will begin again to look for "our place" and it is good...

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Amelia said...

Mom, I hear you on the hurting all over. I feel like we've already moved once, and we're still here (because of having to empty 2 floors for new carpet.) By the time it's said and done we'll have moved all this stuff probably 4 times. Todd and I are both dead, but there's still so much more to do. I painted all day today.

Glad you have a decent place to stay, even if it is temporary, and found some work, even if that's only temporary too. We're both living kind of temporary lives right now! And I've somehow picked up on your insomnia too, I have often had a hard time falling asleep, but now I have the additional problem of waking at weird times and not being able to get back to sleep again.

And I'm with you on the massage too, sounds like heaven. Too bad Tali's out of commission right now.