Thursday, March 20, 2008

Change, change and more change, Vol 2

The TDA Community meeting last evening was interesting. Having worked with communities and TDA organizations in the past, I was pleased to see and hear this bunch "doing it right" (in my opinion, at least...) with the professionals providing information and giving some structure to the discussion, but the pace and direction being community led.

I had not been involved in this process from the beginning, as this is, but I have sat in on many community meetings in the past where this background had not been done, and learned from this procedure from other community organization groups. At this point, the meeting was to get community input about resources that are available and which the community might want to share with visitors as well as those they would not want to share. Mostly I just sat and listened, as I did not arrive early enough to meet and introduce myself, however the lady sitting next to me shared some comments and I kibbitzed back. She was one of the core community group that is working on this project. At one point, she mentioned that the local library was putting together a pictorial history of the community and I asked her if they had considered also doing it in new media, sharing my experience working on the DVD of the first 400 years of Williston, NC history. I mentioned what I did and she excitedly invited me to become a part of their committee... we will see...

There was serious weather projected for the evening and overnight and today as well and as the meeting broke up, we exited the city hall into falling snow. There was about an inch here overnight, mixed at times with sleet I think (from the sounds I heard on the east bedroom wall when I awoke in the evening.) and today we have had mixed precip off and on.

This kind of delayed my desired visit to Robin's farm. Robin is friends of the owner of the t-shirt silk screen company that I have been wanting to work for, and I really want to visit her before I make contact with him. First of the week, I guess...

I need to think about a celebration of the Vernal Equinox, and to complete the cleansing on this temporary quarters, and that kind of needs to follow a bit of cleaning as well. Fortunately that CAN happen, as we have got most of the necessary storage shuffle done and order is coming. Slowly. There are still boxes on the floor of the kitchen to be emptied and stuff put away if space can be found. If I was ever in a "kitchen for a non-cook" this would be one. Well, maybe that one apartment in the converted house in Spokane fits the bill too... but it was not really supposed to be a real kitchen. This is.

The kerosene heater has been unboxed, filled and lit, so that we can hopefully put the propane one on active reserve. The kerosene will be less likely to singe doggie hair, which has been an ongoing problem with the propane.

Office space is still in chaos, but I am beginning to work again and getting the personal stuff I must deal with from this space (financials, etc.) sorted out as well. The mail fiasco may well result in lost mail, so I am working on tracking down bills, etc to notify of the change.

The cats' room is decidedly more spacious since the last storage run, though they still have their crates there, where they like to lounge, and totes for a window seat. Since we will be part of a rotating Saturday supper group, it seems, we have been plotting a suitable low-tech table (we actually HAVE enough chairs! in storage at present, though...) for the dining room, and will move the two glider rockers to the cat room / soon to be tv room as well, unless I decide to take mine on into my Craft room.

THAT is in utter chaos, but is on the list for today.

I think that the next few days will be "stay at home" work days. I need them. I need to time to sit and think, lots of time to sit and think before beginning to plot again to move forward. Though I will not take too long... this trailer is not "home."

I have not been feeling very up or perky since I got here. I guess it's just the fact that I was sick at the end in NC and couldn't take the time to be sick and heal. And the fact that I ain't as young as I used to be and I loaded much of a 22' truck and unloaded much of the same. And the fact that I felt like I had to hit the ground running and last night was trying to get a sore throat (doesn't hurt today.) And that is a large part of why I have not felt like writing.

So I am going to stop and organize and clean.

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James Earl said...

Well JJ you seem to be busy as ever glad you finally made it to Main. Hope you find a house to make a home.