Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I need a home!

Spring thaw has come to our corner of Maine, and even -- so I hear -- to some of the northern and eastern areas where friends garden. I am not sure about whether it is time to plant or not, but most of the "yard" such as it is, is free of ice and snow, leaving many doggie droppings to be picked up. We cleaned up some of the construction debris that was laying there yesterday. The west and south sides of the trailer are clearing quickly but the north side -- where the main entrance is and where the leanto that protected the entry steps from ice and snow had collapsed is becoming every more of a danger zone, as sharp piece of wood and other materials emerge from the still-frozen ice and ground.

At least we did get the external light fixture replaced. WHAT a project... nothing in this tin box is even up to snuff for old tin boxes, everything is cobbled together from the worst of materials and refuses to be made right, even in the least. K's frustration level overflows quite often -- understandably so -- but in then end he manages to engineer something that works. In this case, thank the Gods for silicon seal!

We have got settled enough to begin a serious land/housing hunt. I put an ad in Uncle Henrys
for a week (free) and we got one nibble... have yet to follow up on it. But I have also checked out several properties that others had posted for sale as well as writing down phone numbers from signs seen along the way and posted in stores we frequent. Friends referred us to a Realtor that did good work for them, too... we will see. In our budget other Realtors have pretty much washed their hands of us, suggesting we contact each listing agent of property in out budget (not enough commission for them to want to split). the Henrys ad was also a Realtor suggestion...

I have high hope that we will have something by my birthday. I have the feeling that housing will come before job, but I am beginning to get motivated on that account as well. I have applied for several positions (both in and out of my field) and plan a trip to Bangor today to visit the unemployment office and check with one of the temp agencies. I do not want to be working full time, yet, though as I need daylight hours to check property and jobs in Bangor area are a good commute, allowing not much daylight to do stuff.

I guess this sickness that caught both of us by surprise hit me worse than I thought; I know K is still very much under the weather and I still cough and sneeze more than I would like. Mold issues in this trailer may be contributing, though... when we had friends over last weekend, one of them mentioned that she noted her reaction to the substance.

I continue to get orders for hex signs and need to get busy painting today, now that I have the paint here, a table made to work on and such. It really bothers me that I have gotten thrown for such a loop with this move. Scares me a little, in fact. This is NOT typical for me and I am not sure what is up.

I do know that we are both feeling the need to put down roots and it is not just a spring thing.

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