Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A river runs under it

The camera batteries are dead, unfortunately. However with the rain currently falling here in Milo, we have a tributary of something running around, and under, our trailer. It is coming down off the River road, through the trailer park (if I can dignify it with that name) and down all the many gravel pathways.

It is pouring under the oil tank at the back of the trailer and under the trailer and down the driveway -- more when the rain is harder and less when it abates but it runs in gushes making mini rapids and brown streams, washing away the driveway and Gods only know what else.

K went out and tried to divert it away from the foundation with minimal success. He came in soaked to the skin, thanking the Gods that the rain was, at least, NOT cold. It is in the high 40s. It is his birthday as well and despite pain in his neck from some sort of strain and muscles that will undoubtedly report their displeasure tomorrow, he is in decent spirits.

We are cooking burgers (on the stove, not the grill due to weather, of course) and tomorrow I will take him out for a belated birthday supper in Bangor as we dovetail a visit to my new client, Martin Brown with shopping and other errands.

Would that it were OUR land we were dealing with...