Wednesday, May 7, 2008

crazy, land-hunting, want-to-be-settled blues

I know it will be in their time and at a place of their choosing, but I SO MUCH want to rail at the Universe at Large… I don’t WANT TO WAIT… I NEED SETTLED NOW. I want to binge on chocolate and get drunk and cry.

One things leads to another, and at each step I think “this is it” and so far each time it has not been, but has lead to another, apparently a better one which in time has (frustratingly) proven to be not so… Can you see why I want to rail and cry?

I have been neglecting blogging on account of I figure those who read will either get tired of reading “this is it!..... no it’s not” or think me wimpy and undecided or something… maybe it’s because I get tired of the YES… no… I dunno.

We have an offer in on a place that I was willing to settle on, that in many ways I liked but K was ambivalent about… and stand to loose $500 if we back out under the wrong circumstances. But truth be told it MAY not finance, as it does have issues. But then anything we buy will, I am sure. This one is newly built, but not completed (an issue… for the financing folks we were first talking to) and the septic is not completed and the tank is sitting with its top several inches above ground (an issue though the realtor says not) and has only .6 acre.

In the process of talking about this with a friend who lives kinda in that area, it came to light that her brother in law knows the property and verified that all of K’s concerns were indeed valid. He, however, has a deal going on 12 acres with a trailer her was refurbing that .. well it’s a long story but the actual owner is dying of cancer and a good friend of the brother in law. This is less expensive, more land, and has a very good feel, but no cable nor DSL and the dying guy is not even around to talk to at present, as when I called yesterday I found out he and his wife were flying out to Chicago for medical stuff…

Is this “it?” Can we get financing? Or is it just another step, as we would NOT have found out about this had it not been for the other one.

Adding more to the mystery, K has been dreaming (again…) of a situation that he dreampt of before we moved to ME…where we were living “over the shop”… with the shop being Vision on one side and a gallery on the other, with two apartments over, one that we are in and other having come with a tenant. But he sees no garden there…

And we have not seen anything at all like this in our looking.

Can I ask at least that the Powers That Be make up their minds and settle us? This is making us both crazy.