Tuesday, May 27, 2008

work and more work

While there is no news on the home front, today's trip to Bangor netted a nice retainer from a new web and hosting client -- a referral from my first client, Martin Brown... a Maine canoe guide and photographer (MaineCanoe.com, MartinBrownPhoto and Northern Logistics who hired me mostly for search engine work and tweaks to the websites.

My new client will be building luxury condos in Belfast, ME and needs a web site to market them in this "interesting" economy. I am blessed that he is very tech savvy and wants a sexy, high-end site with many videos and, at the outset, virtual tours of the 3D models inside and out. HE supplies the content and all I have to do is nag. Yes, I have been hired as a nag.

So today started out with a 5:30 AM alarm so I could get my Words of Wisdom written and out and meet the new client 1.5 hrs away, at 9. Then, trying to keep Bangor trips to a minimum and part of "paying expeditions" (client meetings) we were off to look into Maine state assistance to help with Kevin's medical expenses. Either we were ill informed or the worker drone who assisted us did not know her stuff as what he is qualified for was very different from what the Council for Aging rep had told us. We will see... she led us to believe that Medicare Part D could be done at the same office... but it cannot... so we will fight that battle online AFTER I speak with her again. She also led us to believe that once signed up for Part D, one could change providers at will, as might be necessary if prescriptions change. I suspect in the next few days I will be sitting in her office, getting all this straight.

What Maine WILL do is pay for Kevin's Medicare parts A & B starting in June, but it will take months for this to be reflected in his checks and for him to get the reinbursement.

Had lunch in a neat cafe Nicky's Crusin' Diner in Bangor, met with Martin and then post office and shopping. We are trying to keep Bangor trips to once a week (not terribly successfully thus far, due to living out of storage and losing stuff in the storage building. It is NOT good when you have deadlines that require something -- like paint -- and you cannot find it 'cause you took it back to storage to keep it out from under foot and then shuffled -- twice -- and are not sure where it ended up. But I had been wanting a flat house paint for the exterior hex signs and now I have a start of that.

Also supplied with cat stuff (if we stop feeding them, will we be able to stop buying litter too?? LOL) and some groceries for the humans as well, along with the "fixings" to mount my "laundry tree" securely in a bucket full of concrete which we can bury so I can use it here and then dig it up and take the base with when we find home. And some additional potting soil for the planters of herbs and a new keyboard for K. His number lock stopped working... and this was on the "spare" kbd that I had got at a geek show years ago for $3. His old one died a few weeks ago...

But it was a LONG (albeit productive) day and we didn't get back in the driveway until after 5, so I don't want to do anything else tonight but relax a bit.. have another glass of wine.. and start again tomorrow.

The list:
more painting on 4 hex signs due out this week
go to the community garden, take the pumpkin plants I was given, plant and catch up news with my friend A
visit a bit with town friend S, whose long-time companion, a Pekenese doggy named Ceaser, who had been ailing for many months finally had to be put down.
work on Jimmy Amspacher's model boat building website
work on minor tweaks for Martin's photo site
being work on the condo site
complete registration on a Maine crafts website
look into info that I got in the mail today about a crafts event on the Bangor waterfront in July
and of course all the usual housekeeping stuff... else we find ourself buried in mounds of cat and dog hair. It IS spring in Maine!
down load the pix from the new camera and post some (it is SPRING in Maine!)

I think I'll keep busy...