Friday, May 9, 2008

slow progress

I was surprised at the result of my meeting with the lender yesterday. We still do not have commitment, but she says that, as a worst case, we will be able to get a mortgage come mid-Sept. NOT my idea of a good time to move, but she also had ideas to get from here to there if the right property presents itself.

I am not yet sure it has, thought I am highly enamored of the 12 acres we found; problem is, no high speed connectivity. But I am continuing to pursue it, as I can with the owner hospitalized in Chicago at present. I do know if this one falls through, it will have been a stepping stone.

On other fronts, when I met with my Bangor client I joked with him about when he was going to hold the dinner party to introduce me to his high-roller CEO friends (he had mentioned that he would give me referrals and that he had a big network of contacts) and that prompted him to recall a Friday evening conversation with a fellow... He was going to give me the number but instead of making me do a cold call, he called and gave me a "walk on water" intro before handing me the phone. I have a tentative meeting with the new fellow -- an architect/developer who is working on a project in Belfast -- on Sunday.

While I was eating lunch I spotted a newspaper account of an event to be held at a nature center a bit south of Bangor on Saturday -- celebrating Migratory Birds day or some such -- that includes not only bird walks but also a native plant walk and sale and I am going to try to attend. The afternoon/evening will likely be taken up with working on a collaborative garden with a couple of sets of friends, if the rains holds off. If not, who knows. I think, though, I am learning that the best bet is to have the beds for the early garden prepared in the fall, before the first snowfall! That way, with little spring prep you can get the earliest crops in rather than waiting for the soil to dry enough to do a major soil prep.

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