Thursday, May 8, 2008

Off to tilt at windmills

I have a few minutes before I am off to the city to see the financial maven for the realty company for which the sales agent with whom we have a contract for the property we DON'T want works. Got that? LOL

Anyway, I will be using her for info, feeling her out, playing spy, mole.. whatever you want to call it... weaving other webs. And then, after that, a appt with my Maine guide client. While I am in town I will take the non-deposit recycles by the recycing center in Bangor, as Milo doesn't. Everything except the non-deposit #1s which no one seems to take. Or at least I have not found them yet so they just keep adding up, even though I do my best to avoid getting any of them. And the Post office (hoping for the payment from the Park Service) and grocery store.

We have yet to get in sync with the once-a-week shopping, once a month MAJOR shopping, but we are trying.

It is raining today, and will be off and on the rest of the week, but warmer. We have not had the heat on, even in the evening or morning for a bit, for a couple of days. Just add a layer of clothes, which works.

I signed up with the state Arts Council and in my inbox yesterday was notification of jurying by a crafts org. for inclusion in a new, large, visitor-oriented educational and sales venue, due to open this fall. I had heard about this organization and about this project and decided the time was NOW to join and apply to be juried; professional membership perks include no jury fees for their exhibits, etc and mention/link from their web site... etc. Art, the only endeavor for which folks willingly pay $$ for the privilege of allowing so-called experts to tell them they are not good enough. LOL Well, at least I get something else for my bucks.

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