Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Week Ahead!

After not having any hex signs to paint in a while, it would appear they, to, come in cycles. First the order for the small outdoor Love and Happy Home, which sent me to the lumber yard for more plywood and turned the dining room into a wood shop once again, now more. I had the intuition to get both wood for the smaller size and enough of the thicker plywood for a couple of 2' circles as well... and a good thing it was as yesterday brought an inquiry for an exterior of the Inspiration sign, above, in that size and today brought the order. I also found a payment for a 14" Natural Balance in the inbox today as well, so the fabric for that has been stretched and I will start painting shortly.

A "hungry" realtor (that is one who is willing to work with us for what will be a minimal commission) sent several possibles via email and -- as I feared -- he had not previously check to see if they were interested or able to owner fi. I am refusing to get excited until we are inking a contract at this point... He also promoted one that is much too far away, and in the wrong direction (toward the coast) and too expensive -- which was rejected (gently) out of hand for the price and another that is also too far away, but might be do-able, as it is close to the highway and would be a reasonable commute to a larger small town, where a part time job might be found. That one, we may look at. While we are in the area we will check out a vacant one nearby a friend's place though I expect it will be way too dear as well. The Hungry Realtor has a couple more to inqire on for us... we will see what we will see. I am also getting calls from folks now and then from the ad I put in Uncle Henry's print publication but thus far they have all been too expensive as well. I will NOT be "house poor."

This will be a week of "going" as we have a trip to Dover-Foxcroft tomorrow early AM for a mental health appt for K, a late afternoon working meeting with my guide client, Martin Brown on Wed and a mid-morning coffee date with a local pagan lady that I met through an online group. We have been trying to get together for some time, since I realized she lived in Bangor, and it looks like it will finally happen. I just happened to run into her at work Sunday, when I stopped at Sam's club to pick up dog food on my way to the Bangor Witches MeetUp. That had been an interest event the previous month, less so this time, though it was a smaller group and I do hope to be able to visit more with the organizer of the meetup at some point.

Wedensday, also, the Standpipe in Bangor will be open to the public; if the weather is cool and the timing works out I may try to see it... It is only open to climb four times a year.

I hope that the bean seeds that my friend from Seasons Eatings Farm sent me are in the post office Wednesday too. They were not there on Sunday and I need to get them in the ground... And speaking of the farm, I have just completed a new logo for them. Will post it once Robin has used it on her site!

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