Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer has come to Maine

After what appears to have been a dry spring (where was mud season?) and a wet early summer, the rain has stopped and for nearly a week the high temperatures have been in the 80s. It's 85 outside now, and the bare ground (dirt, gravel, no grass) under the clothes tree was HOT to my bare feet as I hung the last of the wash just now.

Even the dog is content to lay inside, on the linoleum, instead of wanting out, to dig down into cool moist soil by the trailer, for which I am glad. We have not had her spayed yet, there is evidence she is in heat and there are a lot of dogs which run loose for varying periods here in the Most Ghetto Trailer Park.

But still the ground, down a bit, is cool. I can tell as the wash water was nicely cool and so was the water I just pulled from the tap. And last night, as the sun set, the temperature began its evening drop, the breeze picked up and K was able to grill burgers without even a threat from a mosquito.

I love it that it cools off at night. This should allow us to avoid the dread AC for a while at least. I fear the way K's health is going, that eventually we will have to have a room we can close off and install one of the window units for during the day for him, but as long as it continues to cool off in the evenings we can at least share a bed in a room with "real" air.

It is warm enough that, though I need to look at my garden, I will not go until later this evening or perhaps tomorrow on the way to town. We need to get our own propane tank, as the one, supplied here, that we filled for cooking last March has gone dry. We still expect to have our place and not to stay here any longer than necessary, and so we do not want to "donate" expensive gas to the landlord, as there is no way to know exactly how much is in the tank, even if we could manage to get him to buy it from us when we move. Much better solution -- our own tank, which (admittedly with much huffing, puffing and help of strong arms) we can take with us. And if we hold off and buy it tomorrow, we can get prescriptions filled in town as well.

It is expected to be a warm day tomorrow, too... so being on the road with the breezes blowing will be a good thing.