Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today I got a job I wasn't looking for -- well not today was I looking for it, but I was months ago, back mid-April to be exact. The application that got me my first client and best local salesman, finally landed me a part time (well, almost full time at present, but that won't last) job as an administrative coordinator and he is paying me $3 an hour more than I was getting for the same sort of stuff in NC.

Which means I will be going into Bangor 4 or eventually 3 days a week, means that there will be continuity of type of employment when we come round to trying for a mortgage again, and means that, when my unemployment runs out (next week) I will not panic.

Now I am tired. What had started out to be a brief orientation turned into a much longer affair and I did not get home until after 9:30 pm. THIS will not happen regularly, but I have learned that when I have a work day, essential errands get run FIRST. NO post office run today, so I do not know if my seeds got here or not. No chance to call back on any homes, but I will do that early tomorrow.

Tomorrow also includes a visit with a Pagan friend over coffee, snagging a prepaid cell phone for emergency calls home before I leave the city, and work.

My first task on the job is to sort out a reservation mess at a hotel in Quebec city. Parlez-vous Anglais?

now that job is accounted for, all that remains is HOUSE!

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