Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WHAT a day!

What started out yesterday to be a slow and ordinary day, with me spending an hour spinning in the waiting room while K spoke with a counselor, ended up long and most interesting.

After the appointment K want to head north, he had a push, for no particular reason, to visit Greenville, ME. Now, I had a connection there from some time back -- I had applied for a job with a publishing co. there and while they hired a local, the published wrote a very chatty card as my rejection letter and said they would love to meet me if I were ever in the area (however they gave no street address, so it dropped off the radar as a major focus!)

We drove east out of Dover-Foxcroft, towards Guilford, where we spotted this lovely covered bridge on a cross road to nowhere (this I know because we drove across it to the gravel turn-around just on the other side.) Now, I love covered bridges and much as lighthouses... and this was the first I had ever been able to drive across.. it is not an antique, but a restoration put up after the big flood of '87, so I learned from the information sign. Still it was lovely and I was so glad I thought to carry the camera along. I am still working on my wildflower pictures so pretty much, if I go, the camera goes as well.

We stopped by a marker for the Appalacian Trail, noted that we were quite a ways from its beginning here in Maine and wandered on.

When we got to Greenville, (the gateway to the Moosehead Lake region, and while we did not see a moose, we could not have missed that connection were we illiterate or blind, I do not think. EVERYTHING was named with moose this and moose that. The town seemed t have a friendly face for visitors but its apparent focus on tourism makes me want to visit again late this year, after "everyone" has gone home. We spotted this interesting sculpture, which brought my attention to the Thoreau Wabanaki Trail. I had been aware of the Thoreau connection and this is a site I will explore more in the future.

Since the lake was omnipresent, and it was getting on towards lunch time, I wanted to eat overlooking the water. We wandered on, to Greenville Junction and found Kelly's Landing, where we had a slightly over-priced and somewhat unremarkable lunch with a wonderful view of the lake, an occasional boat and a small flock of Canada geese swimming by. I had to make note of one of their planters! Great idea, especially for herbs that might be brought in of the winter. I waded in the lake (my first time to properly greet the Water since arriving in Maine!) and began photographing wild flowers and berries (this for a later blog) and as we left the restaurant, what did we see across the street but a sign for the publishing company, however no one was in. Guess that means another visit in the future, eh?

After having discovered the major road construction in Guilford, we had hoped to not have to return that way. Their delays made our construction follies here in Milo over the past few months seem like no delay at all! So we headed out on a less traveled road in the direction of Kathadin Iron Works (another area we have yet to visit) only to discover that the road goes through private property (K was not feeling well and overlooked the red barrier in the Gazetteer) and is in fact a toll road, with a $10 fee for non-residents and a $6 fee for Mainers. Cash only, and since I did not have that much on me, back we went. I did not mind the "shortcut" though as it gave me some new flowers to photograph and this bog as well.

We did manage to find a way around Guilford, spotted a couple of properties that I will call on later today out in that area and another one close in to Milo that we had previously missed.

In the evening, one of my clients called -- the one I met as a result of a job posting that had been filled -- to discuss our meeting tomorrow. He had tried to call while we were out wandering, hoping to make connection with me early on so as to determine if I were still interested in a part time office manager position. This may still happen for me, which would be a good thing I think. Despite requiring me to run into Bangor 3x a week, it would give me needed job continuity ( as explained by lenders) that would help with mortgage consideration next year and would allow me to be less paranoid about the ebb and flow of design and hex jobs.

We will see...

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