Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nor'easter coming!

We didn't get much snow to speak of yesterday or overnight, but I am reading that a nor'easter is supposed to be bringing more as a Yule present tomorrow night. I hope so. Love the white stuff!!

I do have to work Monday, but the last storm day I worked was crazy-busy and that is good. Everyone was in a good humor because we WERE open, and could make them hot sandwiches and pizza when their electric was out. Most folks here have some sort of back up heat, if they use electric for their heating or have an oil furnace with a fan that doesn't run when the power is off... but many still have electric stoves/ovens instead of propane. At the store, our grill is electric but even if the electric goes off we can still make pizza and stuff like that as the oven is gas.

I was expecting Christmas off (they are closed) but expected to work Wed evening... instead I get three days in a row the end of the week. Not my favorite.. makes my legs and feet hurt.. but we will cope. I had intended to offer to work Christmas Eve in trade for someone who has little ones, but the way the schedule is set up, it just won't work.

I got the emergency order of hex signs done and K took them to the PO yesterday afternoon, a day ahead of schedule, so hopefully we made one very happy customer. And he was able to get his license done yesterday morning as well. While he was gone doing that -- and getting my glasses repaired -- his doc's office called to say that they had faxed the appropriate signed paper to the capital so hopefully his permanent one will come in the mail in a couple of weeks. We like the doc, and her assistant is excellent.. just the front desk receptionist who needs to have an attitude adjustment.

The day is dawning overcast, grey and white. The dog has been out and I need to check the chili, as I left the crock pot open and on high overnight, hoping it would cook down a bit (didn't mean to leave it overnight!, just for a bit...) and with the Gods blessings it will be a good day.

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