Sunday, December 21, 2008

The view out the back door about 3:30 this afternoon... I used fill flash and that allowed it to show some of the falling snow!

Can't tell it's falling in this shot, which was the first one I took. We are predicted for up to 18" overnight and blizzard/white out conditions.

I don't have to be at work until 4 tomorrow afternoon, we have been out to breakfast this morning and stopped by the store, so we are well supplied. Here in Maine it's not "bread and milk" but "milk and Allen's (coffee brandy)" that gets the pre-storm run. We already had Allen's on the shelf (it makes a killer version of a Brandy Alexander!) but in a nod to my hurricane party tradition of beer and chocolate, I got a six-pack of hard cider and yes chocolate. Also some veggies and stuff like tea that we really did need. LOL

I am thoroughly enjoying this and am glad it started a couple of hours early (prediction was for start at 3) so I had some time during the day to enjoy watching the snowfall.

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oldcrow61 said...

Looks like you're in a winter wonderland. A storm has just started here. They are predicting only 10 cm but small flakes are falling with high wind. As the saying goes here "Small flakes, big storm."
The brandy and milk sounds interesting. As we don't drink eggnog I bought vanilla soy milk to have with brandy. I'm hoping to get the flavor of brandy eggnog, lol.