Friday, December 19, 2008

Trying to get into the spirit


We have snow. It covers the fields and as of yesterday still lay on the branches, both green and brown.

The cards and gifts are all sent. The locally grown, organic turkey that I helped harvest some time back is thawing in the fridge and several packs of locally grown cranberries are quietly awaiting their fate from the depths of the deep freeze.

The tree has been up for weeks, happily lit and decorated and is plugged in each night to greet me when I drive up fro work.

And I am very much looking forward to tomorrow at 4, when I get off for the weekend. Yule eve... I think I'll try to complete the Words of Wisdom book that has got put on the back burner and then try to spend the day not doing much. But likely won't be able to , as I have not had the chance to do my pre-Yule organizing and the place is a disaster, with packing materials all about, and recycleables needing taking to the center. Sigh... well remembering that it is a TIDE and and not a day... I expect I will do some organizing and haul recycles -- maybe even on the weekend, if not on Monday and I will hope beyond hope that the local dump will be open on Wend morning before Christmas as I likely can't get that stuff carried off Saturday after work. Maybe I can get K to take it when he gets back from posting the hex signs Sat. AM... the dump is only open W, R and Sat and while we only have to go every few months, it is time.. and I don't want to get caught in the after-Christmas chaos.

I am still miffed at having "lost" the entirety of a "day off" yesterday, with only one of my necessary errands having been attended to. Yea, it WAS a K-go-to-Doctor day, though this time his appt was not at 8 but mid-morning. That allowed at least a bit of mental time in the morning. He has been putting off -- for at least 3 months if not longer, since we got here in March -- getting his drivers license, etc. here in Maine. One reason or another... yeah it is a pain in the arse, what with him being diabetic and and all.. but still. GRRRR.. Anyway, he finally decided to do it, downloaded ever possible form from the state website and took them to the doc for completion. Unfortunately she was under the assumption that only ONE needed to be done and that was the one for the placard so when we finally got to the DMV, he did not have the one he needed for his license. THEN it turned out that NC had suspended it but the folks here couldn't tell why... so after going back to the Doctors office (another hour+ of driving, to give them the second form, which will maybe be completed when the doc is next in, on TUES and maybe not... I have got to complain about the lack of customer service skills shown (repeatedly) by the receptionist!!)) and then returning from there to call NC, it seems that apparently they had sent out a "justify your keeping your license" form as they do periodically for diabetics and it was not forwarded, so they figured he was being uncooperative. At least when they learned the story via the phone, they rescinded the revocation and he should be able to at least BEGIN the procedure today. And remember to dog the docs office to fax the damn paper to the state on Tues...

But because of these follies we didn't get my bifocals taken by an optical shop to have the earpieces reattached (short version of long story, I was getting a loose screw and asked K to repair as I often do. Seems this pair is spring-loaded and he couldn't, but now both ear pieces are OFF the specs... ) OR get K's meds at Sams (insulin is high priority, and others will be needed soon... Nor did I get to stop at the grocer for some additional peppers for the Chili I was going to put in the drock pot... so I am crossing my fingers that he can get at least some of this done and get back by 12:30 so I can go to work.

Artie the truck is on strike, likely due to the cold and old battery and just plain being old, period... but even if I could get him started I likely couldn't get out the drive as I didn't get the tires replaced and they need it, with this snowfall.

Well, enough whining... time to get a bite of breakfast, maybe start baking bread so I will have some for stuffing for the fowl and see about that chili with what peppers are at hand. I know I have a few sweet dices in the freezer and some small red ones dry in the cupboard.

Hey, at least it is WHITE out!! Woo Hoo!! and they say perhaps another inch tonight.

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Tali said...

oh frustrating! I would have a hard timenot lettingthen Docs office hear it from me. Days like that just really get to me because you should have been able to get everytihng done, but did not because of things out of your control. gggrrrr! I hear ya. The snow sounds great and so does your locally grown bird and dressing with home made bread. by the way the other day when I had that crapy day with the tires and what not...two days later I got a flat, not on the new tire, but the old on of the old ones. so yes....when it rains it pours. I just wish it would snow some more instead! (g)