Friday, December 26, 2008

Turning a corner

I am feeling like I am turning a corner and things are much more as they should be... compared to how I was feeling a few days ago.

Yeah I am still "behind" in work and projects... but something has changed though I am not quite sure what. Perhaps, though, it has to do with having -- finally -- got the mistletoe that I used to make protection charms this time of year and having got some deployed yesterday afternoon to the four corners of our land and the entrance to it.

The tale of the mistletoe is a strange one.. I have been using it since I lived in TX many years ago and found some -- the first "real" mistletoe I had ever met -- growing in the poor excuse for a back yard at the apartment I shared with friends. I was able to buy it when living in the NC mountains -- the real stuff not the kind you find at the checkout counter at the discount stores for Christmas -- and found it growing on trees on the NC coast (though high up and I ended up buying or trading for it most years.) I had hoped to get some sprigs from my most reliable supplier when I was down there the first of the month, but we did not connect.

So, when I got back home I got on the 'net, did a search and ordered... only to have it come as dried shreddings in well-stuffed plastic bags. GRRR... shoulda read better, I guess, but it never occurred to me anyone would use it dried! Anyway that went back before Christmas and I am hoping for a refund, as the package was only barely opened and the contents (bags) not even touched.

But that left me mistletoe-less... so back on the net I went and found a source that would ship what I wanted, second day or overnight... so I ordered (second day, which was high enough shipping! LOL) and it arrived Christmas eve and I was able to make my charms yesterday (thankfully I do observe Yule as a "tide" rather than a day, which allows for the flexability to deal with these sorts of "oh s##t" moments!) and take the ones to the perimeter, Working as I went.. .in more ways than one.

You see, I did not manage to connect with a good pair of waterproof, high traction boots for slogging though the winter during our shopping before Christmas. And I am out of spray waterproofing for the Ugg-clones that I have so both pair had got wet and were not yet dry... but deploying the charms was something I HAD to do, so I borrowed K's SIZE 13 boots and off I went. Boots were great... feet stayed warm and dry and they are the sort I am looking for ... but walking as bigfoot is a challenge even on open ground. I was glad I had my "nordic walking poles" (aka ski poles skimmed from a "free" pile along the roadside during the summer) to help me balance and give me something to push against to clamber through the knee-deep drifts which still exist despite the rain, wind and higher temps.

I still must hang the charms for the doors, inside, today.
and clean/organize the office
complete cleaning of the living room (organizing is done)
work on the hanging-fire projects
begin plotting and planning the garden (including learning about row covers, seed-starting times for here, checking with the building inspector about permits for greenhouses and/or greenhouse additions to house or garage) but I have ordered catalogues from Johnnys and from Fedco . Even though I will likely order from both online, I like to have the physical catalogues in front of me, so I can sit at my leisure, away from the computer, to plot, plan and compare... I will also look at Burpee as they have a few things that I want to try and have not seen anywhere else. And I don't feel totally left out, as I did get the Jung catalog this week.

But despite the fact that there is almost as much to do as there was a couple of days ago, I FEEL different about it now, kinda like I have passed through the worst of the darkness and am once again working with the slowly gathering light.

Blessings to all.


Robin @ Seasons Eatings Farm said...

Nordic poles..... hahahaha!

oldcrow61 said...

lol, you must have looked quite the sight slogging through with k's size 13's. I too am starting to make plans for the gardens next year, at least in my mind.

Jj Starwalker said...

Well, Robin, when Sheila mentioned them long ago (in regards to a certain Peter taking a LONG walk, if I remember correctly!) on CityData I looked them up on the 'net and -- lo and behold -- there was such a thing and it sounded like a useful device for when I feel like I could use 4-paw-drive.

And truly, they have saved my butt at least once (but are hard to use if you have to carry anything; thankfully the little charms fit into my large pockets.

Juli said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better about it all and glad you survived the trek :)

I've been dreaming of seeds and gardens and I must say, getting a permit to build a greenhouse never crossed my mind. and probably never will :)

I was going thru some old WWAO files I had saved and came across some of yours. Just old applications I set up for approval, I was making room and deleting old files. Funny how things come round.

Blessings of all good things, this year and many more years to come !