Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Off to school I go!

Tomorrow I will be one of the "visiting artists" at Hermon (Maine) middle school. My visit -- along with those of several other local artists and some of the teachers demonstrating artisan talents -- will be part of a "Spring into the Arts" event that has featured a literary day with a visiting author, and will end on Friday with performing arts day.

They contacted me as a result of my being listed with the Maine Arts Commission. How cool is that!

I have prepared a handout, collected a passel of student type drawing compasses and rulers and will be carrying along some of my work to show, as well as giving them instruction on a bit of the history (and controversy) surrounding this folk art tradition.

Because I was only able to be there in the morning (I am not sure why I told them that, this is my usual day off.. but in the end it was the correct choice as we found out after I had committed that K's kidney doc's office had scheduled him for an appointment in the afternoon) I will only get to play with the 5th and 6th graders; 7th and 8th have there sessions in the afternoon. Next year (if I am invited again!) I will plan to be there the full day, I think.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, as we will be scheduling our usual Tuesday events in the afternoon after the doc -- a trip to Sams for meds, and to pick up cat food and olive oil for the folks in the soapmaking class that I have prevailed upon my friend Robin to give (next week... a reschedule from tomorrow, due to my having overbooked myself! LOL), to WalMart for another light for the plants, to Millers, to find me a pair of muck boots, unless I luck out and find some at Blue Seal where I need to stop and look for more seed flats, etc. etc. All this AFTER the doc...

Thankfully I will have a short work day Friday, though being a Friday, it will likely be very intense.

Some time SOON I need to:
  • get out and prune the maple tree
  • clean out the ditches of annual grasses and "weeds" and see what is there in the matter of woody plants that I wish to encourage and suppliment with other things that I will soon beg, buy or glean
  • check the ground to see if I can turn over the rabbit manure and plant spinach and early lettuce
  • clean up a winters worth of doggie poo (oh joy...)
  • dig holes in which to plant the clothes lines that came with the house
  • dig the last of the Museum archive files out of the garage and send them to the soon-to-be-former client.
and, while I am at it... we need to find:
  • a small tractor with tiller or a rototiller (working)
  • a snowblower (less urgent but needed never the less, by next fall)
( Universe... take note...)


Maine Arts Commission said...

Enjoy your day at school. We are glad that your presence in the Maine Arts Commission Directory was beneficial to you and the students that will undoutedly benefit from this learning experience.

Amelia said...

Sounds like fun, all but the year's worth of dog poo. We did that a few weeks ago when we had our warm spell. Fortunately most of ours was raked up (thanks to us not getting to the last leaf fall) because two BIG dogs make for a lot of poo.