Saturday, April 25, 2009

If you know me, I need your insights...

I have been feeling rather lost of late. I just put it down to "before new moon, unsettled" things, but it is likely more than that. And the Words of Wisdom came through today seemingly with my name written on them. "Look to your strengths. List them if you must, to see how they apply today."

Only problem is, like many folks I am only really good at seeing my weaknesses (or maybe that should read "seeing things as weaknesses" for I know what is a strength in one case may not be in another).

So I am asking for insight here... If you know me, help me out by sharing what you think some of my strengths are...

I can list:
  • stubbornness (one of those double sided swords) <>
  • can-do attitude ("I can do that..."
  • humble (I don't think anything is "beneath me."
  • belief (knowledge?) that the Gods help those who make an effort
However, my current lack of focus is still the biggest thing in my field of vision...


Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for a bit, so i will add


I do not know if this will help. As for the lost feeling I can also speak to that. It has been rampant in my community lately. I went from sensing a great "storm" of trouble that left a pit in my stomach to feeling nothing. It all happened in less than 12 hours. There has been a loss in connection with others I know, most are attributing it to stress or very long to-do lists. I am seeing it as something more. I hope things come right for you soon.

Amelia said...

How about:


Anonymous said...

You're one of the most adventuresome people I've ever met.

Andrea said...


Also, from where I'm sitting,I see you as a modern day renaissance (wo)man, able to fit comfortably in a variety of places and situations. You are an artist, a savvy businesswoman, with a curiosity to learn more about the world around you and really observe the world around you and the cycles of nature. These are balanced and matched with your scientific and technical interests - from the skills needed of a master gardener to those of a web master.

:) Andrea