Wednesday, April 15, 2009

turning point

This is a turning point day in many ways. Master Gardener class is over (I still have the volunteer hours to complete but my Tues nights have been returned to me). Spring is here. I have leeks and lettuces staying outside overnight (we got down to 19 last night, I am waiting to see if the closeness to the house and blanket covering them was sufficient to prevent damage at that temp, they don't look badly affected though!) and am waiting for the tractor dude to show up and do the spring tilling.

I had yesterday off, but of course that was Tues -- a "non-day off" day off when normally the day gets eaten by K's appointments, trip to town, etc. We don't need food or feed so I made the decision to make only one trip south to Bangor, combining bank and PO running with the trip in for class. That left me sufficient time between the AM counseling and the PM trip to get the last of the income tax forms crunched out and paint put on several hex signs.

This is the last year (hopefully EVER!) that I will have to do 2 state and federal forms. After class I came home and inked, signed and sealed them. I should be getting a little back from the feds AND the state of NC, had to pay a little to ME, and it looks like I need to plan for that to be typical. I always had to pay a little to NC too on account of the business income.

I am crossing fingers that the Park Service project is complete today ("director's edits" ... I am told they are minor ones) and can be burned to CD and FedEx-ed off when I take the tax forms to post.

I keep thinking that I have three days off in a row today, so as to be able to get something done, but then remember tomorrow is another up early and out to Calais day, he soap making class having been postponed due to the order of lye not having arrived in time last week. No biggie... I am looking forward to this class as well as seeing friends again... and am hoping to get the small outdoor hex signs done to take as well, for consignment. Wish me luck!

I do wish the cats hadn't awakened me after only 5 hrs of sleep, though...

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