Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Worm Rain

No, not a typo... though yesterday's rain was warm in one sense (it was NOT snow! LOL) and the weather did not cool overnight sufficient to make me cover the plants hardening off on the porch.

It was the first "worm rain" of the season, raining hard and long enough to wash the wiggly crawlers from the ground.

I don't have a rain guage up (thought I can swear I bought a replacement this year, it has not shown its head here at the house) but it rained a LOT yesterday -- off and on, harder and less so -- all day long and even as we were going to bed.

I was glad for the moments of "less so" as they seemed to be timed to our goings about by afternoon so I could dump my yellow rain jacket, which works great but is big and awkward. We glommed onto some vines from a Freecycler, suitable for wreath making, and it was good not to have to deal with the wet stuff in the rain. I did get K's Subaru rather dirty in the back, though, as they would not begin to fit into the bags I had taken and ended up just being pulled and pushed into the back of the car.

Since we had also go 2 80 lb bags of concrete (planting clothes poles is on the short list) I was glad we had already dropped the recycle stuff and I had two totes to turn over the bags of 'crete to keep them dry.

We'll have a bit of rainy weather for a spell, but I am hoping tomorrow to get out and plant the rest of the potatoes and the asparagus I bought at Bobs in Dover-Foxcroft yesterday, and the lily of the valley. Today I need to work in the house until my half-shift at the store. After having friends over at the last minute for supper last night and the accumulated general mess, there is much to do. Also one hex to be completed, boxed and mailed.

It is totally foggy out the window today, and I am feeling much like just being in. I had unwanted an early morning excursion in my gown and slippers, as I had to hop into the car and go out looking for Brandi. I had K let her out before I got up, as he was coming back to bed (he had been awakened early on by a massive headache and was just coming back to try to finish his sleep) as I planned to get up in a few to start my day. Well the mutt found the door to the "shed" (makeshift roof, only one wall) by the garage open and wandered through the recycles and old windows to take a walk. I found her 3 places up the road (and well beyond the sound of our hollering for her) and brought her home (on the front passenger seat, as the back of the Subaru is still storing the 'crete... and two bags of concrete does not go well with a large, wet dog, even one with recently clipped doggie toenails).

So I suppose if I get the chance I will go out and re-work the fence. I really don't like to have to walk around the garage to get to the compost and if I were to make the fence go straight out from the house, in a westerly direction, instead of between house and garage I could solve two "problems" with one change.

But that will have to wait until after housework...

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