Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring rain!

My witchy sense tells me this is the beginning of the spring rain today. I wish I had planted peas now, along with the onions and 'taters, but perhaps this spell of rainy weather will give me a bit of clearing of a morning so I can make a furrow and get some more seeds in the ground.

I have ordered the wheel hoe (and it should arrive later this week... none too soon and when I think about planting, I keep seeing myself making a furrow with it, and then realize that I have only my hoe) and am still waiting on plants.. I need to check for shipping date on those asparagus plants, I guess. Also on the non-garden list, I need to send an old, favorite frame out to get my new Rx bifocal lens put into it, so I can send the existing version of that Rx back to get the (apparently quite cheaply made) frames fixed. I had thought to have done that on the weekend, but did not get a confirmation screen on the order, so was waiting to make sure I did not order them twice.

On the garden front, I have a new-to-me hardware store in Orono that I want to visit (likely Thurs, on the way back from a doctor trip to Milo) and today I will stop by Blue Seal just to see if they have (or are going to have) strawberry plants, which I need. We will be picking up cement to plant the clothesline poles the came with the place (uninstalled) as the clothes tree died in the wind last fall. I need to get K to consult on how to convert the new poles to using cotton rope, instead of the plastic coated metal stuff they have on now. I do not think it will be able to be strung in the same manner as the plastic stuff has a smaller diameter.

I am also committed to completing the hex signs that I did not quite get done in time for the trip out to the garden shop in Calais. I will not be able to deliver them Thurs, as I had planned, as I had forgotten a K appointment with his doc, but I will get them out the following week. Store opens for the season May 1.

I was also hoping to pull up baby trees to transplant on that Calais trip, but my friend is willing to pull the trees and send them back with another friend who is heading that way on the weekend, so that will be my route.

Now, to get breakfast out of the way and start the busy, rainy day. Oh, I love a rainy day...

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