Friday, May 1, 2009

The Maying Tide

The Maying tide -- May day, Beltane -- whatever you choose to call it -- the tide rolls in and with in, the wheel comes turning on toward summer.

Here at Hearthfire Hill, the gardens are getting their first spring soaking rain overnight and this morning. I am, as usual, a bit behind, as not all the coles have been put into the garden. Even the Brussels sprouts -- which have been hardened off -- are still sitting on the porch and the broccoli and cauliflowers just went out for the first time today. I also put the tomatoes and peppers out to get a bit of the rain as the temp were warm enough this morning, though I will bring them in likely when I go to work at 1.

Most of the asparagus roots have been planted (though there are more on the way -- an order placed much earlier than is just getting shipped) so we will have more backbreaking trenching to do. With the soil only tilled to the depth of the spading fork, and with the Maine rocks to contend with, planting these perennial roots is WORK, involving shoveling out the trench and then attacking with the mattock and sometimes the pick axe. At least the crop of rocks is going to good use filling driveway holes.

Also planted thus far (in case I have not mentioned it) are several varieties of potatoes, onion sets (brown and red), leeks, green onion seed, all the cabbages, lettuce transplants, second planting of some peas (the petite pois are still in hiding, darn it!), carrots, beets and chard.

Yesterday, when I could have been planting, I took the day "off" the garden to take a shipment of hex signs to Growing Concern in Calais -- my first "local" reseller. I had a great visit about plants with Richard at the store and look forward to visiting again throughout the summer on my trips to the area. Their "NEW Farm Stand - Garden Center" will be opening May 2.

I also visited a friend, walked her yard (and brought home some clippings to attempt to start and plant matter with an condition I need to identify) and spent a delightful time chatting about this and that -- from spiritual stuff to gardening to kids and the current flu bru-ha-ha.

This morning I got the opportunity to pick up an extra (and needed) shift at the store, so my planned day of organizing in the house will be cut short., but this is typical for this time of year, which focuses so much on he out of doors and getting the gardens in and going. Some housework must be done, for this is Frigga's day and she would not be pleased otherwise, but as the tide sweeps over us bringing in the growing season, she knows that looking well to the needs of my household requires tending the earth as well as the hearth.

There will be a fire outside in my fire place at some point soon -- as the spirit and the timing of life move and allow. Working until 9 does make this more of a challenge, but it will be met. For tonight I think, my fire will once again burn in the cauldron in the Craft room, after I have reset the altar. In a place of honor will be the forcythia starts from my daughter in Utah -- soaking up extra water and growing additional roots in preparation for their voyage into my landscape. This wonderful living May basket (disguised as a priority mail box delivered by the postal carrier) washed in on the first lappings of the tide early this week.

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