Sunday, May 31, 2009

Roots in the ground

ALL of the tomatoes and peppers now have their roots in the ground and have been counted, as well. I'll post the counts in a day or so.

I ended up with a bunch of extra tomato plants of undetermined variety, from my friend Robin. Seems that one of the packets of seed she ordered produced plants with two kinds of leaves. There are two BASIC leaf types in the tomato family, Regular & Potato Leaf but any given variety is only supposed to have one kind of leaf. She planted this packet and got both types of leaves... so the potato leaf variety she has been calling "mystery tomato" and handed a bunch off to Ann and me when we went up to claim the seedlings she had grown for me.

Yes, having greenhouses and professional experience shows, but there was not nearly as much difference between the seedlings I got from Robin, from my seeds, and the ones I grew here, which both pleases and surprises me. Hopefully there will be a greenhouse in the future someday, too...

Meanwhile the lawn continues to grow. Ann and her husband (a professional landscaper no less) are planning to come over later today and take a crack at taming it, as we were turned down for the mower loan, at least part on account of my slipping through the cracks. So be it... I get a strong message that this is as it should be and I will continue to walk this path. Meanwhile, K has been scouring Uncle Henrys for likely prospects and has actually found a few that might be within reach and usable. Finding time to look at them (none are really LOCAL) may prove interesting as I work 5 days this week. But it will happen somehow, some time.

I find it very interesting to note that over the past few days, when it has been rainy and I could not get into the garden, I have once again begun hurting, my knees have bothered me at work and I have been unmotivated and blah and not even having the energy hardly to get into the garden once the weather was cooperative. Once I got going, though, things changed. I have always been connected to the earth, but this strong change amazes me.

So, back to the garden I go... there are some baby perennials and herbs from Robin yet to be planted before work.

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