Sunday, May 10, 2009

just another day

Generally, I don't make a big deal of out holidays that are not earth or moon related. And Mothers day, while good in intent (mothers need to be recognized and honored but in my opinion, more than just one day a year!) often fails in execution. I guess I got burnt out on sermons praising the impossibly perfect supermom, while giving us real, in the trenches, moms a good dose of downer.

So today is just another day in my world. A day off from the store which I appreciate. A day when hopefully I will meet friends at a garden center and maybe score some rhubarb and/or bare root strawberries. A day to hang out the wash in hopes that the 30% chance of rain will fall elsewhere, giving me a leg up on household chores so I can spend most of the 3 days off I get in a row this week in the yard and gardens.

For now I am a bit frustrated, as I want to make breakfast but K is fast asleep.. he didn't come to bed until Gods only know when, when I saw the light under the door and hollered. He got to hurting after taking his pills and did not follow me to bed, so his day is totally scewed and I am trying not to let it mess up mine. I'll likely make some eggs in a bit anyway, wash up the dishes and be ready to head to the nursery on time.

If it doesn't rain, I'll likely be in the yard today a well. I found the offset factor for the difference between magnetic and celestial north (it's been too cloudy for a long time for me to spot the North Star, and I want to mark and lay out the circular herb bed on a grid based on the directions) so when K finds his compass, we can do that part.

I still have more asparagus to plant and cole crops to set out and it is time to do another planting of spinach and flower seeds... I am thinking of pushing the season a bit as my "spidey sense" tells me there will not be any more freezes...

But all this takes time.

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