Friday, May 22, 2009

Turning an unseen corner

I feel like I have turned some unseen corner in the last few days, and not in any way that I might have suspected even as much as 3 days ago.

On Tuesday, apparently, the warmth following the sudden overnight cold snap told the pine trees to WAKE UP and BLOOM! No, we do not have drifts of chartreuse coating everything, and the allergy report does not even list pine as a major source of tree pollen... but my sinuses were telling a far different tale when I awakened Tuesday morning. The phrase "like a ton of bricks" comes to mind... and I was quite thankful that K was feeling up to driving a bit after we reached Bangor as the trip to D-F and then down to the city were trying to my poor body. I had been feeling the "normal" aches and pains of an old woman gardener for some time and then to have the pine allergies on top made for a miserable day.

Even the Dayquil that I took after our trip to Sams didn't help much (I should know better by now... buy Niquil for at night and let day take care of itself with hot compresses, steam and pain relievers. (Anyone want a large quantity of sealed Dayquil packets... cheap??) but the Niquil that night (two doses, properly timed by the instructions) put me out for a good nights rest -- and unfortunately a good bit of Wed. as well. I managed to rally by afternoon and got some planting and painting done but not as I had planned.

Wed. night I took a single Niquil and was able to attempt to function Thursday after a good nights rest as well. Thurdsay, however, was Hell Day in Maine (temps in the very high 80s to low 90s) though I did work in the garden most of the day and didn't even feel THAT hot. Amazing what a good stiff breeze -- and the knowledge that tonight will be cool and tomorrow the high will be more reasonable -- can do! I am showing my time in the sun, though...

What surprised me was how I feel today, now.... after several days of pushing a high wheel cultivator, planting, bending, reaching, walking.. and 5 hours on my feet in the store with only a DayQuil in my system... I feel energized, free of pain (though I am a little stiff in a few places) and if I do say so myself "the way I should feel."

I accomplished a lot today... the last bit of planting until I put the maters and peppers in the ground, weeding (enough that it is beginning to show, though I am starting on the part of the garden that was NOT re-plowed this spring and therefore has the hardest soil) and cooking a roast and makind salad dressing for a noon dinner of pork roast, applesauce and salad. Oh, and I have two hex signs on order, so I have been applying paint to them every chance I get.

As much as I have hurt the last few weeks... months... I wish I knew what, why or how it is that I do not at present.

Early on in the season, K said that the garden would make things right (or something to that effect, I don't recall exactly, though I do remember wondering how -- through all the pain -- I would even do it. )

I hope he was right. This feels wonderful!

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oldcrow61 said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. We've been having a bit of a cold snap as well. I've bought flats of annuals, put them in the greenhouse until the weather warms up and fortunately have remembered to cover them each night so they don't get hit with frost. Our last frost date is the middle of June, so a while yet before I can chance putting them outside.