Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From the twilight zone to rabbit manure in one easy trip

What a day!

Started out with server follies (my email forwards are not working.. still.. have an email in to tech support) of which I was notified by a client, whose emails had not been responded to.

Then I headed to town on a simple errand: FexEx a package. Yeah, right. I was SURE that I knew where the FedEx place was. I have been there once, in Brewer, for my boss. He gave me VERY CLEAR directions because he was still reeling from my having taken an hour to get keys duplicated as it appears I was unable to follow the directions to the hardware store. "Go downriver... you can practically see it from here."

Anyway, I HAD been to the FedEx place, following the directions that sent me over the bridge to Brewer, past a print shop that he was surprised I had noticed and (apparently) several hotels, which I still do not recall having seen. He said the signage was bad (a given.. this IS Maine) but I lucked out and was able to follow a FedEx truck. I DID see the (small and inconspicuous) sign though... and was able to FedEx out the documents before they closed. Mission complete.

However, today the turn in Brewer seemed to have evaporated. I found the sign board (for an industrial park) but no FedEx sign and when I turned down the road, it was not as I remembered. I checked out EVERY road going that direction until I was WAY out of town, past WalMart, past Lowes... and no dice.

I headed back into town, figuring at the worst to stop back at Staples and ask them the directions (to their competetor... they process UPS) but instead happened upon a sign shop/quick print place and figured they might know. THEY gave me directions to a place in BANGOR not Brewer... in an area I had been (return of rental truck) but certainly not accessable from the office by going over the bridge to Brewer. And yes, there was a (small, inconspicuous) sign and the FedEx building was down a road that looked very familiar, around a bend, sharp turn to the left after entering their facility to get to the customer desk, all as I remembered. BUT NOT IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Well I hope that -- Twilight Zone or not, the documents get where they are going by tomorrow afternoon, as promised...

Then it was back toward home, to shovel up "some... not much" rabbit manure that someone had contacted me about, from a request for such material on Freecycle. I am looking for free manure, straw, leaves etc for compost and maybe even for building cold frames with the windows I gleaned... They older lady raises show and pet rabbits and lives alone, so dealing with the droppings is not the easiest. She was, she said, often concerned about just letting people come in and shovel up the droppings, as not everyone has been around and understands animals, but when I emailed back, referring to "rabbit rounds" she figured I must know rabbits.

I do not know how many bunnies she has, but they were in two makeshift barns and some of the cages had been cleaned under, pretty much... but still I was able to collect a FULL TRUCK LOAD of mostly well-composted manure, a bit of stray hay and a couple of small piles of guinea pig droppings and shavings which will need to compost. I was gone for hours, as cleaning out under her cages was not easy; while I had no problem with her short ceilings (she is about my height and built the shelters herself, tall enough for her and two layers of cages) they barns were a bit more cramped quarters than I am used to working in, especially with long-handled tools.

Never the less, I hope to work with her next year, showing up to collect manure on a monthly basis through the season, which excites her as well. Apparently most folks either don't show, don't take much or don't come back. I told her I will bring her veggies when I come as she no longer can garden on account of her hands.

But boy, am I sore... after a morning on the scythe and then this. Thankfully the crock pot was hard at work all day making chili and tomorrow is predicted rain, so will be an indoor day, hopefully working on the riding mower, as the part should arrive around noon.

The water is heating for a bath, pain pills and a glass of wine have been consumed and I think I am going to see what might be had on the TV. I am too tired/sore to even think of spinning. But happy.

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