Friday, October 3, 2008


Just wanted to share that the article on my hex signs that I submitted to Small Town Living magazine was published today.

This is an online-only publication... in Adobe Acrobat format.

Of course this means a bit of a edit to my hex web site...

and a busy day in store today.

I have determined that is IS necessary to give a flea bath or dip to ALL the inside and inside/outside critters... so after breakfast (Gods, I am LATE today!) we will dig the portable heater out of the garage, as well as the kitty bathtub and begin the process. for some time I have been doing the cats in the regular bathtub, as the galvanized one allows them to have something to GRAB ON TO and therefore fight me more... but since {"their" bathroom has hot water only to a single sink (that works and doesn't leak...) and I want to do them in there (more room, and their litter boxes and food are there so they can dry more comfortably) I'll deal with the tub. Might end up taking the dog in there to dry too, though I will wash her in the other bathroom (TUB!). It's way too chilly here, now, for an outside doggie shower.

And I need to get to town to check the mail (will my plants have come?) and get gas/money for my trip out to the "boonies" tomorrow EARLY to help friend Robin butcher fowl for shares. Free range, organic chicken and Thanksgiving Turkey... now there is something to be thankful for! Amd while I am out, I need to take a final trip to my garden and -- if it is not raining -- see what remains to be got. Also we need eggs -- and my friend Anne at whose house we were gardening, supplies them.

And then an early ritual this evening and to bed, hopefully to sleep and arise in the early foredawn hours to get out to Robin's place.


Tali said...

wow! congrats on being published! that is cool. and good luck with the doggy and kitty bath. I know they hate THose almost as bad as my kids do probobly. : )

Jj Starwalker said...

There ain't no fleas on me
There ain't no fleas on me
There may be a flea on you all, see,
But there ain't no fleas on me!

LOL Actually the cat dunking was a two-person operation. Normally (regular bathtub) I can do them all solo and at worst get a single claw in me... they are mostly pretty used to being dipped. I do the dip as it's easier to just drench, wring (kinda...) and drop than to suds, wait 10 min, rinse... you get the picture...

I always get soaked doing the BIG doggie, so doggie wash is done with me, bare, in the big tub. SHE climbs right in! Actually I had to make her get out, as I didn't want to get flea soap on the non-skin mat that K sits on (sensitive skin). She is now drying in the kitchen, I have been rinsed off and am ready to go on with the day.