Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Had my Shit Together

For one whole day, I can honestly report that I had my shit together... all in one place (fortunately not all in one sock though.)

Yep, one full pickup load of manure... rabbit in this case. The woman said she "only had a little bit..." My opinion differs... But it made for a bit of well-manured soil (only a bit, considering the size of the garden, but you can see where we will start planting spinach come spring!

She was concerned about my willingness to put manure in the clean bed of my pickup... well, y'know I haul all sorts of stuff in it, groceries, furniture... so who doesn't know how to use a hose? LOL I swept and washed it out mostly over the compost and then the final rinse in the driveway where it could lean tailgate downhill a bit and it is now ready to run to town today and carry insulation.

I guess I still have all my shit together, it's just in a different place!

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Robin said...

You crack me up!