Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the gardens

For Tali, who was wondering... here are the garden spaces, in the FRONT of the house (south side...) about 1.5 acres all told, more than my friend Robin has under cultivation and she is a market gardener! LOL

On the left (looking past the porch, north east corner of the property) will be vegetables.
On the right (looking past my truck, north west corner of the property) will be perennials -- berries and likely a start of the fruit trees, along the road I want to add bushes, including hazel nut. The perennials will include strawberries and asparagus and the like... and herbs...

I hope to put in some grains too... maybe in back, but back there I am planning to let trees grow (and plant them as a wind break) as that is the north side.

4 acres is a LOT of earth!!

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