Saturday, October 25, 2008

mowing and moving stuff

K finished mowing the back field today, amidst flames coming up from the mower around his feet. Yeah, again. The heavy stalks of the milkweed and some of the golden rod tangle in the mower and hold the grassier stuff all jammed up in it. Every time he stops for a break I drop the deck, get down on hands and knees and pull out the sticks and then dig around for grass by the handfuls. But I guess he missed a break...

Anyway, it is DONE for the season (well there are a few places that are grass that haven't got done yet) but the over-the-head growth has been cut down and many of the trees have been spared. I need to rake and carry the clippings to mulch stuff or to the compost, but that can happen from now until snowfall. Well, not the next couple of days, for rain is predicted... but after that.

The rain should give me time enough to finish the re-organization of the garage. I need to have a place to display the hex signs and to work during the "season of the hex" open house on Friday, and am using this as an excuse to try to make it possible to get one vehicle into the garage. Should be easily possible, but I am taking the time to organize as well as move stuff. At his request, I have managed to gather all the boxes and plastic totes of K stuff into one stack (4 containers square and well over my head.) His new Indian name is "He-Who-No-Longer-Moves-In-Volkswagen" LOL he used to be able to move all his worldly goods with just his VW, one trip.

I have moved the gleaned windows out into the "potting shed" and stacked the overhead cabinet that we extracted from the laundry room on the work bench at the back of the garage, giving us some more useful storage space. I got the back of the side that will contain the Subaru emptied and moved the woodworking tools, on their stands, back there. Still enough room for car, and they can be easily slid forward to use. And I was in the process of moving the odd lumber (bits of wood that we moved from NC and haven't used yet, as well as molding we have taken off the house and the lumber from the closet we removed) and similar stuff to a convenient stash hole when I ran out of energy. It was getting dark, K was done mowing and I was already pretty darn stiff so it seemed like a good time to stop.

I DO have to find the box that contains all the software for my computer as something seems to have eaten all my .exe files. THAT was the start of the day... an update from MS, my attempt to remove a single program that I am no longer using, and zap... nothing worked. K got most of it back and running but it was telling me I needed to reinstall Word and when I went to process the photos I shot of the mowing, it couldn't find photoshop.exe either. Well, this is the time to find that stuff... every box that remains that says "office" will be brought in. Tomorrow.

Tonight, if I need to work, I'll use the laptop.


oldcrow61 said...

Hi there, I really enjoyed reading your blog. My, you are the busy one. Sounds something like myself, lol. We finally put the lawn mower to bed for the winter just over a week ago. I will definitely be checking in again.

Jj Starwalker said...

Merry meet! I have read your blog too, of late, but not commented yet. You are in Newfoundland, yes? It is a place near and dear to my SO's heart.. he only visited there once as a young man, but fell in love with it.

Maine is likely as close as I will get but I enjoy reading... most of my blogging friends' seasons are "behind" mine... it is nice to be able to look ahead a bit, in a sense.