Sunday, January 18, 2009

snowy Sunday

The predicted snow has started... it blows so much, even when there is not really a wind to speak of, that it is hard to know how much exactly has fallen but my best guess is a couple of inches, based on what was on the front (south) and back (north) steps.

It is still coming down, steadily but not by the bucketsfull, so I expect a decent accumulation by the time I leave work this evening at 9. I AM taking the shovel with me.. as if I have to shovel my way IN the driveway, I don't want to have to first make the trek to the house to get the tool.

It has warmed up a bit, and it was a nice bit of winter exercise putting on the snowshoes to take the kitty litter out to the back field to dump and the compost bucket to the pile. I DO wish I had found the time to dump the litter can before today though. It is just a little to big to be easy to carry on snowshoes, especially when I have waited and the litter can (a small metal trash can) hold two dumpings of wet litter from two litter boxes.

I am definitely going to make a date with myself to snowshoe around the property during my three days off! It is not that hard walking on them (easier, even, when I use the "Nordic walking poles" in conjunction to help keep my balance and footing over the ups and downs of the land and the drifts.) and it will be neat to make the perimeter walk without having to climb through all the drifts. I have found that I sink down farther (some places) into the snow than I thought one would when using snowshoes, but it is also much easier to walk out of the sinkhole and with just your feet. Also I appreciate that these modern shoes have serrated grippers on the bottom, for extra traction on the "crunchy" iced-over places.

Well there is design work to be done, so I am going to spend a couple of hours trying to knock some of that out. I am glad that I was able to get the dishes done, the wash done (three small loads, all fit on the drying rack) and get a chicken cut up and into the oven to "fry."

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