Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, I am rejoicing over having hot AND cold running water in the guest bath and kitchen sink again, and two working commodes. And we had nothing to do with it.

K crawled under this morning for a look-see and spotted a place -- inaccessible, of course! -- between the axles where there is NO insulation at all, leaving the heat duct and pipes exposed to the elements. He went around to the other side of the crawl space and didn't fit under their either... not sure even I can get in there even without winter gear, so he went to get a 500 watt work light, and we are going to put it under that area (can get it in there, at least) and then put up rigid foam AROUND the area, which will hopefully help until spring.

But for now, at least, things are running.

The wind chill is a tremendous factor here. Yeah, I know that, but the elements just keep beating it into me. the minimum yesterday was -1 F with the wind varying from 18-37 MPH and gusts to 47. That translates into a wind chill running between -23 and -27 up to -30 at times. BRRRR The min on the 31 was 3 with wind varying from 1-23 MPH and gusts to 30.

Right now the NWS says it is 15 F with a wind of 6 MPH, making it a balmy 7 degrees F wind chill. AND IT THAWED. I don't understand, but I ain't gonna think on it too hard. Must be somehow solar heating at work, as we have a bright, sunshiney day...

Whatever, Thanks Be to The Powers That Be for sunshine and running water in the winter time.

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