Thursday, January 22, 2009

walk on the snowy side

I am not sure what is ailing me. As I noted recently I lost most of a night of sleep to coughing and the next day hurt like crazy.

Last night I remembered my OTC meds for the congestion and slept well.. and slept and slept. Got up to let the dog out and start coffee and didn't even wait to let her back in (knowing that K would when she barked) before falling back into bed and sleeping until noon. When I finally rolled out, I felt I could have stayed longer but didn't need to lose an entire day. These three days off in a row are not THAT frequent.

The cat litter in need of dumping and the laundry laying about was almost more than I could consider looking at. K, being kind, took us out to lunch at the local restaurant. They serve huge portions but I couldn't even eat my usual half plate (liver and onions today) so it's in the fridge now for later. Got a load in the washer and dumped the kitties and carried out their litter on snow shoes.

I told K I was going to walk the perimeter even if I didn't feel like it. I had been wanting to do this -- and to walk a labyrinth in the snow for some time and both kept getting put off for various reasons. So even though I didn't feel like it and it wouldn't be the fun it was supposed to be, I was going to do it anyway. Didn't make sense to him, it doesn't make sense, truly, but I am glad I did.

I walked my spiral labyrinth in the area where the grove will be, walking in with thoughts of deepening and securing/manifesting my walk on the völva path and walking back to this world, bringing health and strength, wisdom and energy.

Then I went to walk the perimeter. Couldn't treat the horses with the apple slices I had in my pocket as it was feeding time and even for horses, dinner is more important than a treat. Picked up the mail and found some hollyhock seeds that had been sent by a friend and then didn't make it quite all the way around, as I had a couple of moments of inattention when I lost my footing and fell. After the second one I took it as a sign I should reclaim the cat litter can and head in, so here I am.

I am feeling a bit more energized.

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