Monday, September 1, 2008

Better than Tim Taylor

Unlike goings the TV goings-on of the old Home Improvement show, our project went off without a hitch. No disasters, no explosions, no excitement.

.... Well, it WAS plumbing, so there were a few of *those* words in the air... but we now have electrically heated water, no apparent leaks in our work and a gas water heater sitting on the porch to thumb its nose at the propane suppliers when they show up, tomorrow, to give us a new tank.

There is still a hole in the siding to be covered (we'll do it with whatever since the current siding color is special order at Lowes, and then hang a Hex sign over that... we do have a few of them laying around! LOL)

It wasn't a bad day of work for a gimp and an old woman, though we were both beat when we were done. I had intended to put the second coat of white paint on the Craft room, but ran out about half way around, only rolling the lower part that I could reach sans ladder. We took a trip to WalMart to get another gallon and I will complete it today, likely rolling the ceiling as well, since I will have enough, and then begin setting up my witchey work room. I will be able to have some of my crafty stuff in the living room now, to work on in the evening while sort of watching a movie or TV or just conversing with K, which will be good. It will allow us to spend more time together, as by the time evening hits he is often not up to much beyond visual entertainment or education and I don't have the patience to JUST watch TV for long, no matter what is on. I will eventually re-start our Netflix subscription, but want to wait until we are at least mostly moved in first.

Getting the Craft room up and going will help... it will take a long while to get the kitchen and such set up "right" (with all the stuff in the proper cupboards) but we are getting there... it is migrating from one to the other slowly as I cook and do dishes. Yesterday I moved some of the confusion and crowding from the fridge-freezer (side-by-side, but the freezer is adjacent to a wall which precludes opening the door completely, which makes it a bit awkward) to the deep freeze. Now if we can just keep THAT horizontal serface from becoming a catch-all...

I also found many blueberry and blackberry plants on sale at Lowes, but held off and bought bulbs instead. Now, I need to find my spading fork... Still need to find a man with a tractor to turn my earth for berries and gardens (wonder if anyone rents a Kubota with a rear power tiller??)

Today I plan to quickly paint the room then head out to the garden in Alton (hoping to find the spading fork, as well as more tomatoes and some beans) and maybe I will get some berry plants.


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your new home immensely! And I can't wait to see you next weekend. It seems like forever.

What kind of bulbs did you buy?

Jj Starwalker said...

I am enjoying it too! I got a selection of tulips, a selection of daffodils, some crocus and some grape hyacinths.

I imagine starting beds for them along the drive, where it curved around to the garage on the west and around to the east to make the wide gravel apron on the other side... where they will be a sign of spring, especially if we can get the snow blown or shoveled back a bit farther and just to the edge of the drive.

I am thinking about flowering bushes along both sides of the drive, some that bloom in spring, some later, and perennials. K wants me to try some "bush cherries" he has seen, so they will go in along with Bridal Wreath, for sure and maybe more lilacs. Not sure what else...

I am looking forward to the meet and greet as well.. and actually looking forward as much to coming up there to help process poultry!

Robin said...

Ohhhhh that's going to be pretty!

The chickens are getting big. Steve named the tiny one Itsy Bitsy. She's even growing now! They look good.