Friday, September 19, 2008

Putting by

A number of friends have asked me questions of late about freezing food, and since I just had to look it up to remind myself how long to blanch corn, I want to post a link to a a web site that has a lot of helpful info: Of course the first thing you well see is links to Pick Your Own farms, by state... but scroll down or browse as bit and you will also find simple, easy to follow instructions on freezing or canning just about anything.

The other resources I recommend are th Ball Blue Book which you can find, I think, just about EVERYWHERE come late spring. I see them at most hardware stores (where they sell canners and jars) and even WalMart and some grocery stores. And never forget your county extensionoffice!

I just got done blanching and freezing the most recent batch of ripe tomatoes, with a few saved in the fridge for eating fresh and the not-quite ripe and green-hope-they-ripen ones sitting around, still.

Now, on to the corn project. 4 dozen, less supper's share, shouldn't take long.

And it now looks like I have a FARM! I'll try to down load photos now that the tractor guy has been here, on my next break.

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