Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A day without water

Today was the day without water. Well, most of the day at least and we are still dry (after a fashion).

After days and days of rain or showers or me having to work or K not feeling well, we had a dry, cool and reasonable functional day to attack replacement of the pressure tank for the water system.

It was a bitch and remains so. They had put a tank designed to be installer vertically in on its side and it had leaked and was running the pump too often. Of course this tank is (mostly) full of WATER... so it had to be drained, and there is no good way to do it as the outlets are at the top. We cobbled together some large diameter PVC to mostly run the water away and it sort of worked and with lots of pushing, shoving, pulling and cussing we got the thing out from under the house and the old, stiff, unfriendly and uncooperative connections disconnected.

But of course, despite having bought at least one -- if not two -- of "everything" we might need, we had not anticipated everything, and ended up making not only one, but TWO trips to Bangor to the big boxes and a couple of trips to the local hardware store -- dragging what should have been a couple of hour project out to all damn day and into the night.

Ever plumb under a trailer by the light of the nearly full moon? Trust me, it is highly overrated, if rated at all. And in the end the damn think leaked in multiple places.

So, we are without water until tomorrow. Because it was a little project I had not put aside any extra, so the johns have not been flushed, the dishes won't get washed and I will be wiping down my face with rubbing alcohol. Which is not a bad thing, as it has decided to go with the mega-production on the oil front. Wonder if my forehead is trying to bring down the price per barrel?

I've got a gallon that I had set aside to come to room temp for changing the fish, and a gallon in the fridge and that will have to do. There can be coffee, K has tea and there is enough for the critters to drink and -- if I get up early enough -- oatmeal before we head to town yet again tomorrow for different parts.

K will be re-working the install in his mind all night, you know.

Me? well I have had a dose of pain pills (my knees have been giving me what-for all day) and a date with the bed.

The one bright spot? The boss -- who just got back from an overseas trip -- left a voicemail asking if I could come in at 2 instead of the usual 10 tomorrow. that's cool with me... he may get me straight from plumbers hell, but at least I'll be here to assist for a bit.

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