Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The moose have arrived!

No, they are not dancing in the garden... These are the remaineder (unintentional, possibly Freudian, slip of the fingers) of the Yule gift shopping that I did back this spring. When visiting Bob's (a natural foods/feed/gift/just plain interesting store in Dover-Foxcroft) I spied a small stuffed moose that I decided would make a great gift for the grandkids for Yule... and they had ALMOST enough to go 'round. So I bought them out and ordered the remainder of the lot I needed, paid up front and left them a business card to call when they came in. They DID tell me that this was a company that needed a large minimum and that they had just placed an order, so it might be a while, but that it would happen -- as a result of the summer tourist trade -- in time for my "Christmas" gifting.

Got a call at shortly after 7 this morning (these guys DO keep "farmers hours" it would seem) that the moose were in. I will get up to D-F again soon and collect them, find the remainder of the herd and get them packaged. This year, Yule gifts SHOULD be on time for all the crew.

Except for one thing...

As I was starting breakfast just now The Powers That Be informed me that "there will be a story to go with them, you know..." I HATE it when they do that. But they have at least given me the germ of a plot... a lonely little moose that sets off in search of a friend.

So I guess I can have them wander from The North Woods in Maine down to the neat little town of Dover-Foxcroft... end up at Bobs (they do have lots of oats and grains and things, and I THINK (research needed...) that a hungry moose might find them appealing... there is also hay.. and them follow the grandma home (not sure why.. perhaps they over heard her talking about the grandkids to the clerk and though playing with human kids sounded like fun?) and then they hang out with her for a season before getting their holiday bows and migrating out west. Sound like a plot??

Now, about the illustrations...

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