Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not sleepy, but beat!

In one way it doesn't really seem like I did much today, certainly not enough to count for being as tired -- not sleepy-tired, just brain-burnt, beat tired -- as I am.

Nothing seemed to take much energy, but indeed there was a BUNCH of it. Started out the day loading the pickup for a dump run. K helped -- there were bags of stuff left behind by the previous owner, dead furniture -- the particle board stuff that once it gets messed up, is dead and gone -- that was left behind here as well as K's chest of drawers from Ikea that we would have tried to fix, but it got moldy in storage, and one bag of our non-recycle waste from the move and our time here. Not having any idea of how the interpret the dump charges (it is based in pounds or bags/bag equivalent and up to the discretion largely of the dump guys) I bought 10 stickers ($10) and was prepared to head to the hardware store for more. However I ended up with all the stuff gone and 3 stickers left.

Then we loaded another truck load for charity and I gathered up part of the stuff I was going to take on my Bangor errands today. I say PART, as I was supposed to haul along my laptop and web cam on the off chance that the Sea Dog, where our meet and greet was happening would have WiFi and I at least planned to take my camera, both of which were forgotten. I did manage to remember the Hex sign to ship, and the table top to return at Lowes (and the receipt for it as well) and the sign I had painted (at the very last minute) for the Meet.

I had planned to just use marker but in the end my single remaining black marker was almost dead so I painted it with acrylic and the paid had NOT dried before we went to load it and the damaged table top into the truck. the plastic wrap from the table blew off and badly smudged the sign. GRRRR..

So I headed off to town and by the post office, the art supply store to get a large piece of foam core board to re-mount the "Give us this day..." art, balloons to mark the meet location and then to the Sea Dog. It was cool to see many of the folks who had become familiar screen names on the Maine forum, some of whom I had met before, some of whom I know pretty well and some who were totally new.

But being in a large group like that -- for a good while -- does wear on me even though I was having fun and when the group broke up I was glad to be able to head to Lowes to trade out the table and home.

I had hoped to start planing, but I just didn't have the oomph or mindset to swing a mattock. I trimmed the seed pods off one of the lilacs, carefully (better late than never, I told it, knowing this is supposed to be a spring, after it blooms, thing) while K installed most of the stakes for the dog yard. We have one place where rock (or something... he is wondering if it is septic tank) stops several of the stakes about 3" down. Now, mind you this is near the well and NOT where the septic is supposed to be... the one place we dug we only found rock and I actually think that is what it is... but on account of that the dog yard is not completed yet.

Brandi DID have fun playing with a plastic football I found laying about after the Folk Festival. She even fetched it half a dozen times, (mostly after it had deflated from her carrying it) making me wonder if she might fetch a frisbee...

But that is about as much wondering as my brain is capable of. I find myself wishing we had a Netflix movie here (have not yet resubscribed) but we do not, so I think I will go see what K is watching on the tube until my body decides to catch up with the brain and sleep.

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