Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finding Old Friends

Here in Maine we are under a freeze warning -- the entire state, as far as I can tell -- so I am expecting the first "killing frost" though I have nothing in the garden here to worry about. I DO need to get to the other garden, I guess, and gather all the tomatoes that remain. thanks for the reminder of that...

Today was the day of the carpet cleaning. It looks much better, though you can tell that it likely was NEVER cleaned in its entire life. 'Tis ok.. we will replace it all soon enough.

On the water front, there is one remaining small leak and K has gone to get the part we need. I have spent the day digging through ALL the remaining boxes and totes, moving them around, organizing, etc. to get to the fall and winter clothes trunk. It has been a day of finding old friends, or so it feels. When we packed (not for long term storage) what we had in active use was hit or miss and much loved and needed stuff we made do without. I have been digging out remaining boxes of kitchen stuff and Craft room stuff and, yes, fall clothes. Found a bunch of warm season stuff, too, that did not get worn. Likely next year much of that will go to charity as I don't need nearly as much for that season here. Spring, fall and winter predominate.

But it is good to find some of the things I have been missing... favorite dresses and socks, sweaters (though most of them are still in the trunk for later.

Now to hop over and get the corn before K returns as I will need to help him with the water and then -- likely as dark sets in -- make a quick trip to the garden for the last of the summer veggies.

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