Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coming to you LIVE from Hearthfire Hill!

Stapled to the bed - Wednesday

Progress is slow, but happening. As of last night, all the kitties have been installed in the master suite (I am sure they wonder WHY they have to share it with US, though! LOL) and I fell quickly and soundly asleep once again, stapled to the bed by furry bodies, the sounds of purring ringing in my ears.

In order to put the cats where they are to live – until such time as we are able to build the porches and give them this access to the outside – it was necessary to replace the door to the bedroom.

Someone who lived in this house had some anger issues. I had suspected the Drunken ExHusband but K says it feels more like the Angry Teenage Daughter (whose painted-over anarchy symbol is still visible on the office ceiling) as the owner verbally blamed her for some holes in the sheetrock on walls near her bedroom. In any case, there was a hole in the bottom of the bedroom door, cat-door sized on one side, neatly cut and destroyed on the other. The owner is allergic to cats so this, and other damage, makes us think they had a small dog at some point. Anyway, we needed that door to be cat-proof so as couple of trips to the hardware store and some cussing later, it is. K points out that – once again – we in in a place where nothing is either square or plumb.

Anyway, now that the cats are out of the Craft room, I will be able to vacuum in there (kitty litter! Oh my!) and move many of the boxes that are clogging the living room on into their final home. I will stack them in the middle of the room, as the walls need to be painted – with Kilz to cover the less than artistic leanings of the youngster and likely the off-white paint that was left here to cover the purple walls... once I find my tote with odd tools in, that is... Since I want to get it done, I might just replace the roller (I did get heads yesterday) as I am pretty sure that tote is buried in the middle of the chaos of the garage.

Of course I won't get to that today, likely, as I have a couple of more trips to the ghetto trailer and work. I am planning to go from work directly to the ghetto to haul another load of odd, mostly big and awkward stuff...and to carry some chicken scraps to my friend and touch base. Make sure she is still alive, as we have only briefly talked on her cell phone that she left with us, after moving day.

Those shenanigans will likely leave me getting home at sunset and a late supper once again but – as I keep reminding myself – it IS progress. Yesterday when I went to the ghetto to work, I did a first pass on most of the trailer, sweeping out the leavings and critter hair and gathering up everything that was left behind. I still have trash to remove from the Kitchen, and all the cleaning products and stuff under the sink to sort through but by the weekend, we will be ready to start cleaning and patching and I plan to turn over the keys on Monday.

Despite the shortcomings of the trailer – and it will require much more plumbing help than we had hoped, and some changing things around on the inside, likely totally gutting and rebuilding the second bath (due to water leakage) etc. this is a good place to be. Remember, I did not buy the place for the trailer, but called it a nice bonus – a place that doesn't leak when it rains and keeps out the cold... I have yet to walk the boundaries, but that will come before the weekend.


The first day of a much-needed 4-day weekend, which couples my usual day off today with the office closure for the Folk Festival, which takes over the waterfront. This should be Internet day as well, and while I am in town today I need to make contact with the Dear River propane company and get a fill up as the guage on the tank reads EMPTY though it did give out enough gas to make supper last evening. I do not want it to go out though, as that will require re-lighting the water heater pilot. I also need to stop at the paint store and get a roller, some tape and another roller tray as mine is buried somewhere in the garags. I am hoping i can find the drywall materials to fix some dings in the craft room walls, so I can paint this weekend and actually move into it. I will be piling boxes in the middle of the long room, which will allow me to put the ladder around the walls for painting. At this point I need to sand a bit to remove texture from the kid's painting of numbers on the wall, then hit it with Kilz in places. It will take two coats anyway. This morning I de-sticker-ed the walls. Gods I hate stickers! I'd much rather kids painted on the walls... I have no idea why I feel this way but I am glad to have most of them scraped off the walls and vacuumed up.

It will be wonderful to be able to stay here much of the next 4 days, though I am planning to go to the festival on Saturday afternoon to meet up with my first Maine friend who is working at the festival. She is part of a band that is playing for a contra dance that evening, so I may stay around and listen at least.

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