Thursday, August 28, 2008

LONG away day

This was our first big "away from home" day since we moved in. We started early with a counseling appointment for K in Dover-Foxcroft, just time enough to check in at the body shop to find when the Subaru repair had been scheduled and Bobs for a resupply on oats, then home long enough to check on the address of the realtor office where we were to pick up our security deposit check then I was off to a massage appointment.

I won't be doing that every couple of weeks, but after the big move, it was nice to get a couple just to help keep the body remembering that is IS supposed to move in all those ways. I also picked up a gift certificate for a massage for one of my moving helpers.

Then back to get K and we were off to a marathon shopping and errand trip in Bangor. The security deposit has been secured (and a couple of days before we were even required to be out of the rental... he said it looked like it was in better shape than when we moved in. Observant fellow! LOL

On to Lowes for inexpensive plastic and metal step-in fence posts and some plastic fencing to make the doggie yard for Brandi. I don't expect her to try to breach it... heck she won't hardly walk through an opening between empty boxes that is doggie size or a bit less, won't duck under her leash or push on the door to open it if I have it started. And if she did breach the yard, I expect I'd find her on or under the porch or -- if the door were open -- in here giving me looks. I also picked up a mattock as I can use the assist digging in the slightly rocky soil, and then we were off to Walmart for kitty litter and some other odd ends, then to Sams for meats. Time to resupply the freezer... now that we have one. It is currently behind the cabinet we took out of the laundry room and buried under STUFF but that will change tomorrow. I didn't make it to the bank before closing time, so that will be on the list tomorrow.

I don't have to be at work until afternoon as the boss is taking time off, so I will be able to be here and start pattying up the ground beef, slicing the pork and getting them in the freezer while I wait for the gas company to bring the new propane tank. We still have not run out... though the guage on the old tank (different company) has been on E since before we moved in... so depending on what gives, I may see if he can avoid setting up the new regulator. No reason to waste the gas in the current tank that I can see...

I also have calls to make tomorrow... I forgot to tell the propane folks from the old place to come get their regulator, and I need to let the park service know that I have finally jumped through all the hoops to register with so I can get the contract they are wanting to offer me. THAT was a pain to do...

I need to begin making time to walk the land more often, to get the feel of how it changes and I want to try to pull some of the plants that are growing right close to the baby birch trees that seem to be springing up on the back lot. I was enjoying riding home from the early errands today, as the sun was still low enough that we were driving down dappled roads, as the sunlight came low through the trees, alongside stacked rock walls that undulated along the landscape. We also took a bit of a detour down Black Road in search of a Christmas tree farm that had been calling me.. and it turned out that I do not think it was the farm at all, but just to get me down the road to glimpse, peeking through the trees, a madly, brightly colored, multicolored house. It made me think of Peter Max and hippies -- or gypsies, even thought it was planted and not mobile -- and when I asked the massage therapist about it, I learned that her sister lives on that road and stopped to inquire at some time past. Apparently the house also has "interesting design" and the family let the children pick (if not paint) the colors! Further inquiry will follow.

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