Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holding Pattern

We (the owner of the home we are hoping to buy) and I are still in a holding pattern, waiting for the darn lawyer to work through his pile, I guess, and prepare paperwork. I DO need to see it -- and have the option to have it reviewed by another attorney -- before we hit closing but at this point I am thinking of suggesting that the owner push him for a closing date... and pray that we get the papers earlier than close of business the previous day (which was usually the case with the closing I was privy to in NC).

But other things, that I am not at liberty to discuss, have happened that give me the good news that this is supposed to happen and I am to move forward.

I have begun dreaming over online plant catalogues, looking at stuff that wants fall planting. It hit me on the way to work the other day that I had said I wanted to grow bittersweet -- and it looks like that wants a fall planting here -- so as soon as I know when we will move I will put in an order for that... my plan is to "naturalize" it along a simple rail fence of some sort, across the front of the property... possibly with grapes on some of the fence as well. It takes several years for it to become established enough to bear the characteristic fruit so I want to get it going quickly.

Also I was drooling over asparagus roots -- green and purple. Likely I will start with 25 of each and see what happens. So they will need a bed.

I have sent off for soil test materials from the Extension service3 (they can come to the PO box) as that will need to be the first thing done, asap.

And, as I am about done with the final hex to be painted here, I am starting to pack up the Craft room -- leaving out only the essential stuff for my daily and weekly spiritual work, the mending projects I hope to complete shortly and what is necessary to complete and ship this hex sign.

We had a brief bit of sunshine today (What WAS that bright light in the sky??) and I managed to get the rugs washed and dried but the rest of the laundry wasn't dry before the sprinkles started and is finishing in the dryer. I hate doing that, don't like the feel of dryer clothes, the use of the electric and I am worrying over one of my lightweight cotton sweaters that had never been dryered (turned out ok, it is a poor boy knit and stretched back out). The only good thing about it is that the dryer is wonderful for removing cat hair... but, it seems, only when things are actually dried with HEAT. Dryer sheet makes it more effective (though being it was my clothes, not bed covers, I refrained) but fluff setting, I might as well not bother.

Tonight's supper will be some fried (not breaded) haddock, cole slaw and boiled, fried potatoes. Local cabbage, local taters, fish came from SAMS so who knows.

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