Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving forward

Well, it looks like it will actually happen.... this week... tomorrow... this weekend...

The lawyer finally got the papers together and while there are some surprises (which is why I wanted the papers to review in advance of closing) I do not think any will be deal-killers. We may have to re-write parts, at the worst. Today we will be heading off again to town hall, and maybe the county as well, addressing these issues.

It is a matter of there being covenants on the property and how they are worded. Nothing crazy, no HOA (that WOULD be a deal killer) but enough about that.

The terms are great, 20 yrs at an appropriate (not ripoff) interest... which makes the monthly payments less than here.

I am confident enough that this will indeed move forward -- at this point -- that I have arranged moving crew for Saturday and, if necessary, Sunday as well.

One of the things on the list today is to touch base with a relatively nearby Uhaul outlet, to see about last-minute rental of a small truck, should the weather prove inhospitable to the transport of upholstered furniture and mattresses in an open truck or trailer.

Time Warner has been notified, though with their typical schedule here in Maine, we will not get installation until Thurs afternoon of next week, which will put me into the realm of doing my daily Words of Wisdom updates by laptop either from the trailer park in Milo (when we come back to clean) or by catching WiFi from the library in Bangor on the way to work. Shades of a year ago, late September.

What a long, strange 11 months it has been... and how wonderfully the Gods have worked it all out in ways I could not have foreseen when I stood on the bridge overlooking the Kenduskeag creek last September, "on my way out of town" and threw my "wish" written on a piece of birch bark into the moving current.

  • K getting his disability and being able to join me
  • my getting laid off when my part-time job folded with the owners' retirement
  • finding -- and then walking away from -- an old home on 2 acres (which is still for sale, by the way, here in Milo) the day we got the truck to start loading to move
  • finding "temporary" housing that we expected to inhabit for a month or two
  • finding many wonderful, affordable properties that did not have well, septic, power or connectivity
  • finding that we could not get a mortgage until next year
  • finding that most "owner finance" was of raw land, under ripoff terms even here in Maine.
  • getting "oh, so close" to several pieces of property... and having to walk away because it did not have even the possibility of high speed Internet
  • getting "oh, so close" to another place and finding out that the investor/owner was asking way more than it was worth
  • having folks respond to our ad in Uncle Henry's with property that did not meet the stated criteria (too far away from Bangor, house on small town lot, no Internet) or that were WAY over our (unstated) budget
  • getting hired on part time in July with an outfit where I interviewed in April, who became my first Maine web client (and best salesman to boot)
  • and finally having one of those callers call back inquiring what our budget was, as she had lowered her (highly optimistic) price into the realm of possible..

What a long, strange trip it's been.


elston said...


I continue to hold your aspirations, needs and plans to find your Maine home in my mind and heart. I will hold it especially close this weekend.

I believe the weather is supposed to be sunny and bright...auspicious if that be so.


Jj Starwalker said...

Thank you. We had a relatively uneventful closing this morning, followed by breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts (causing me to quip to my part time boss, long-time Maine guide Martin Brown "I guess I'm a Mainer now, eh?") and a day of helping Martin sort out logistics for two big canoe trips down the Saint Croix and a smaller one in Scotland coming up the end of the month.

This is nearly the most disorganized move I have ever made... we were not even sure we were closing until this week, or when... and I have been using up some of the empty, broken down boxes we moved up here with as packing material to ship out hex signs that I have sold over the past 5 and a half months... leaving me short of decent size packing boxes, as well as time in which to hunt them down, not to mention filling them!

We decided on renting the big uhaul truck, as we have KAF and her family for a good part of the day and while that would mean a few good vehicles, ONE trip with the big truck should do it all... except the odds and ends and we will be back later in the week to clean and repair the doorway in the room where the cats started out their life here. The wood trim will need filling, sanding and a coat of paint. No biggie... something most renters wouldn't bother with, just taking the "ding" on their deposit but he did not make us pay a pet deposit and I am going to try -- as always -- to leave it in better shape than when we moved in. Not hard, but I am not sure the Landlord will notice nor care... but it is our ethic...

I have already ordered 6 American bittersweet vines to plant (along the road, I will put up a rail fence for them, and likely some grapes, to climb on, vaguely naturalized. I have also sent for soil testing kits from the extension service. KAF's husband works for a landscape company and he has offered to do some tilling for us this fall, so my garden and berry patch places will be ready next year, early on. I know we will need a tiller eventually... and the Universe will bring me one.

As for now, my rum and cranberry juice has done its work.. I am ready to lie down and rest for a bit.. I need to be in Dover-Foxcroft tomorrow at 8 to meet up with a truck.

I will be catching WiFi from the library and will connect here in the second most ghetto trailer park in Milo (so the Milonians decree) when we come to clean.

Roadrunner arrives at Hearthfire Hill on Thurs afternoon.