Monday, August 18, 2008

The first day of the rest of my life

Office window, morning view...

Good friends. BEYOND good friends, help you move – bring their dad along and HE helps you move... even when everyone is so past tired and weak they can't see straight.... even when they are actually hurt – injured – and stay until the job is done. We have BEYOND good friends.

And while the job is not quite done (remember, guys, Uhaul trucks of a size are actually smaller than Penske trucks of the same size and that you cannot fit all your worldly goods into one if you have acquired more since the Penske move.

We did get all the impossibly heavy stuff, all the furniture but the washer and dryer, moved. There are still boxes of stuff – food – stuff to have the filth and cathair washed out – remaining at the trailer park, but we do not have to be out until the end of the month. Current plans are for a couple of runs today, and for K to do one after checking in with the truck rental place and for me to come hone that way and do one after work on Monday. That should pretty much complete the move, except for the stacked washer and dryer, which we will not have a place for until after we remove a built-in here at the Hill.
But I have Thursday and this week Friday off as well... Friday is the day of the big Folklife festival in Bangor, which I understand takes over the waterfront area (where the guide office is) and we will not be able to GET to work. Goodie for me in this case.

I am hoping to finally connect with an old friend here, who is a folkie, at the festival one of the three days. But more importantly, we will be working around home, making it ours, making it “right”.

The previious owner ran short of time on her move-out and left lots of stuff... games and toys, just plain junk, décor items that do not fit our lives... and if we can get this out by the garage by Wed there will be a final trash pickup, I am told. Otherwise it is off to the dump which will require stickers and logfistics, which will happen in time.

But I am home. Slept – when we finally got to that stage, after returning the truck, stopping by the trailer park to check on critters, and meeting our Beyond Friends at their place to take them out for pizza – like the proverbial log. And now I am sitting here in my new office, typing on the laptop and looking out to the East watching the sun rise and the neighbor horses browsing in the field.

K very efficiently got the electronics all packed from the trailer park, not thinking that we DO have Internet there for much of the week and that I could use that for my Words posting and I will be having to make a trip to Bangor to the library today that was not on the schedule. But we need more kitty litter too... so that is not such a big deal.

Cats are currently at home in what will be my craft room, as we have yet to figure how to exclude them from the common area other than to confine them to master bath and bed.

The day awaits... I am not yet as stiff as I expected to be at this point... and so it is off to bath and breakfast buffet at the local restaurant and on to more moving, just as soon as I have emptied the truck of my plants and garden stuff.

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