Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Something has made a difference

Something has, indeed, made a difference in many things. My attitude (well, one might expect that, eh?) but my energy level and healing speed are both up, as well.

I had been struggling -- except in the late winter/very early spring when we arrived -- to arise somewhere near dawn, let alone before sunup. I had to pry myself out of bed in the morning with the alarm or slept until mid-morning with ease. But in the week we have been here I have stopped setting the alarm (I am not even sure where it IS at present... somewhere in the truck most likely as I carried it along on Monday when I did the final bit at the old place, so as not to be late to work) and awake about 5:30 or so -- no matter what time I retire -- rested and ready to go.

It took me MONTHS to stop hurting after the move from NC and this move I was barely stiff and sore for a day.

I got the clothes tree planted and most of our accumulated laundry done (just in the nick of time!) after having to wait a day for a friend/electrician to do some repairs on the washer/dryer outlet. I'll do 110 wiring, but not 220 and he had offered his services back when we were considering the Infamous Red House (for which I hired his services as a professional home inspector.) So thanks to Jon we have clean clothes, clean towels and now clean rugs on the line.

It felt really right to be hanging the wash this morning, in the rising sun and gentle wind. The wind almost always blows here (we will be planting windbreak trees and hoping they grow quickly to protect some in the winter!) and it moans and howls around the corner of the Craft room and in the dining room window. Character for the place... something most trailers lack.

I also enjoy watching the shadows appear across the back yard, which is not flat but has small dips and rises that are only visible at sunrise and sunset. The shadow from the lilac bush stretches far out of proportion to its height, on account of the lay of the land, as compared to the shadows of trees encroaching from next door.

I need a chair to sit out in, to watch the shadows come while the goldenrod in the back field still shines in the light of the setting sun. And to look at the stars at night. We see Jupiter in the south, but from the back the north star stands just a bit to the right of where it would be if the trailer had been oriented by the directions instead of the road, and currently to its left Ursa Major walks, the dipper just barely pouring out a bit of whatever it is it pours. The little dipper, in its turn, is nearly vertical, reaching toward midheaven.

I walked Brandi a bit in back today, on her long leash but not holding her. She wanted to frolic and we played a bit with her leash and then walked around the house. The horses next door were out, and she stopped to look at them but otherwise paid them no mind. I think it quite likely that a couple of strands of rope as a fence will hold her, as she has quite often refused to duck down under or push past her leash when it has gotten caught and draped across her access to the yard in Milo.

We have what had been a burn pit -- stacked up cement blocks, breaking from the heat -- but we are not into burning trash as we recycle the most of the burnable stuff so I decided to attempt to recycle the place, for now at least, for compost. I pulled out the bit of stuff that was there, unburned (a bit of wood and brush and a long piece of formica! THAT will go to the dump. I had not seen it initially and am VERY glad that I had not just decided to burn the remainer.

The wood that was pulled out I will likely cut up for use in a metal fire pit when we get one, for drumming circles and the like.

We are ever so slowly getting organized and settled. The garage is still a disaster impersonating a storage unit.

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